Australia vs. Spain live broadcast: free live broadcast, TV channels, team news as the Olympic football game is underway

Australia vs. Spain live broadcast: free live broadcast, TV channels, team news as the Olympic football game is underway


The Australian team became the unexpected leader of the Olympic death team in the second game against Spain.

This Australia beat Argentina 2-0 Become the number one in the group, and can reserve a place in the quarter-finals if they win today.

  • Starting time: 11.30am BST
  • live TV broadcast: Eurosport 5/Discover+
  • Australia Eleven: Glover, Atkinson, Sutar, Peng, King, Macquarie, Metcalfe, Genro, Wales, Arzani, Duke
  • Spain Eleven: Simon, Gil, Garcia, Torres, Cucurera, Zubimendi, Pedri, Soler, Puado, Olmo, Oyazabal

Follow all actions through the live blog below…

When did Australia and Spain start?

  • Australia will face Spain on Sunday, July 25.
  • The game starts at 11:30 am UK time-7:30 pm Japan time.
  • It will be held at the Sapporo Dome.

What is the TV channel between Australia and Spain and can I live it live?

  • Australia vs. Spain will be broadcast live on Eurosport 5.
  • To broadcast the game, please go to Eurosport Player or discover+.

Can I watch Australia vs. Spain for free?

Team news

After Oscar Mingueza was injured in the game against Egypt, it looks like he will miss this game.

Jesus Vallejo is likely to be a substitute because he was in the first game.

Danny Ceballos also missed the first game due to injury and will be replaced by Carlos Soler or Jon Moncayola.

After Mikel Oyarzabal’s poor performance in the first game, Rafa Mir may also get a starter.

Marco Tilio hopes to start the game for Australia after scoring his second goal against Argentina on the bench.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    60. A quick ball was passed to Jill, who ran quickly on the inside of the left.

    The winger tried to dance in his own way to get shots.

    But he eventually kicked the ball out of bounds because of the Australian goal kick. Jill is very lively!

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    56. Yellow card!

    Duke was warned by a yellow card and will miss the last group game of the Australian team.

    Spain took the opportunity to make substitutions at the top of the stadium.

    Puado was pulled off by Gil.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    53. A long diagonal pass is passed to Olmo on the right.

    The Spanish midfielder knocked the ball down well before passing it back to captain Oyarzabal.

    The winger transferred the ball to his left foot and scored.

    But his efforts crossed the beam, a good opportunity to beg.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    52. Yellow card!

    McGree is scheduled to participate in the late challenge, he will miss the last group match with Egypt.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    48. Garcia’s poor touch almost put Spanish goalkeeper Simon in trouble.

    Simon was forced to retract the ball and Australian striker Wales breathed on his neck.

    The goalkeeper showed great composure and passed the ball to Cucurera under pressure.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    45. Spain begins the second half!

    Spain had many positive factors in the first half.

    They controlled the ball and created the best chance of halftime.

    However, if they are to find a breakthrough, they do need to start recording more shots on the target.


    Spain let the game start again!

  • The team is back

    Both groups of players returned to the court before the second half.

    Neither team will make changes.

  • HT: Australia 0-0 Spain

    Spain controlled the ball in the first half, controlling 70% of the ball, while Australia controlled 30%.

    The Spaniard created the best chance of halftime with Oyarzabal of Real Sociedad.

    The winger caught the ball at a turn 25 yards from the goal and shot a poisoned ball.

    He was beaten by the goalkeeper but blocked under the crossbar.

    As expected, Pedri directed the game in midfield, and Australia found it difficult to follow him.


    The referee blew halftime!

    Neither team found a breakthrough!

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    45. The fourth official raised the chessboard and only one minute of game time remained.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    41. Olmo received the ball in midfield, raised his head and clamped the ball to the back of the Australian team, allowing Soler to run.

    The Spaniard took the ball down and shot from a small angle, but his effort hit the side net.

    So far, Oyazabal has the best chance to hit the crossbar
    So far, Oyazabal has the best chance to hit the crossbarCredit: Reuters
  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    38. Olmo was surrounded deep in the Australian half, outside on the right.

    RB Leipzig midfielder buys a cheap free kick, and Spain has the opportunity to send a good goal into the penalty area.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    35. Cucurella takes the ball from the left and clamps the ball to Puado in the Australian penalty area.

    The Spaniard was caught off guard and was forced to improvise.

    Puado improvised and sent a heel attempt to the goal, but his effort bypassed the crossbar.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    31. Australia is a team that can play well.

    But Spain makes it difficult for Australia to gain a foothold.

    After losing possession of the ball, Spain relentlessly applied pressure until they won the ball back.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    28. Pedri intercepted the ball from the center line and passed it to Ojazabal.

    But the linesman soon raised the flag, bringing the sweeping attack to a halt.

    As expected, Pedri is pulling the strings in midfield.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    24. It’s all Spain at the moment.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    20. Leave the bar!

    Oyarzabal caught the ball at a turn 25 yards from the goal.

    The Real Sociedad winger was beaten with his mark and launched a fierce attack on the goal.

    His efforts defeated the goalkeeper, but he fell from under the crossbar!

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    18. Olmo passes the ball to Gil on the right.

    The young Spaniard made a pass in the Australian team’s penalty area, but a defender stepped his foot on the ball first.

    The second ball fell on Pedri’s head in a half-court volley, and Barcelona ace received the ball and hit.

    But the goalkeeper saves.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    15. Oyarzabal cut his favorite left foot and tried to roll the ball into the far corner.

    But his efforts deflected and landed safely in the arms of the Australian goalkeeper.

    Oyarzabal tapped lightly and stopped temporarily.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    11. Arzani broke into the Spanish penalty area on the left.

    Australia No. 11 reached the sideline and attempted a sneak attack on the near post.

    But his efforts hit the side net.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    8. Spain has a good pass and a high ball possession rate.

    The Spaniard’s performance is just like their performance in the European Cup. Take possession slowly but patiently.

    Pedri deserves particular attention because he will play a leading role in the midfield.

    Credit: Reuters
  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    5. Pedri showed his fancy footwork on the left, winning a free kick in a dangerous area for Spain.

    Soler stepped forward and tried to bend the free kick out of the high Australian wall.

    But his efforts hit the wall, and Australia is very clear.

  • Australia 0-0 Spain

    1. Australia starts the game in Japan!

    Spain took possession of the ball and began to pass.

    However, the Spaniard did lose the ball quickly, forcing Gil to stretch his foot.

    The Spanish midfielder was booked early.


    We set off in Japan!

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