Asian champions Qatar beat El Salvador to advance to the semi-finals of the Gold Cup

Asian champions Qatar beat El Salvador to advance to the semi-finals of the Gold Cup


Ali scored for Qatar, while holder Mexico beat Honduras to book their place in the final four.

Almoz Ali scored twice, making the Asian champions Qatar the first team to enter the semi-finals of the Central, North American and Caribbean Gold Cup on Saturday, defeating El Salvador 3-2.

Abdelaziz Hatim also scored a goal for Qatar in the quarterfinals of Arizona, and Qatar was invited as a guest of the game.

Ali used Salvador’s giveaway to open the scoring in the second minute.

Just 6 minutes later, Hatim shot the goal with his right foot, rewriting the score to 2-0.

El Salvador was asked for a handball in the 55th minute, which caused Ali to score the second goal of the game on a penalty kick, giving Qatar a three-goal lead.

But Salvador did not intend to go quietly. Their comeback started in the 63rd minute when Amando Moreno passed the ball to Joaquin Rivas, who scored the team’s first game. competition.

After 11 minutes, Rivas scored again with his left foot, but Qatar retained a place in the last four games.

Holder Mexico enters the semifinals

At the same time, Mexico scored three goals in the first half and defeated the understaffed Honduras 3-0, taking another step forward for the defending champion.

The holder passed an exhausted Honduras team that lost several players due to injuries and COVID safety agreements.

Forward Rogelio Funes Mori scored with a header in the 26th minute to set the scoring for Mexico, who will then face Canada or Costa Rica.

Jonathan dos Santos and Oberin Pineda then broke the opening game with a score of 7 minutes at the State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mexico toured an exhausted Honduras team [Frederic J Brown/AFP]

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