“Abnormally large meteor” briefly illuminates southern Norway

Experts say that on Sunday, an “extraordinarily large meteor” briefly illuminated southern Norway, producing a spectacular sound and light display as it thundered across the sky, some of which may have hit the earth, possibly from the capital Oslo. Not far away.

No injury or damage was reported immediately.

Witness reports began to arrive at around 1:00 in the morning, and this phenomenon can be seen in Trondheim in the north.

A web camera in Holmstrand, south of Oslo, caught a fireball falling from the sky and burst out with a bright flash, illuminating a pier.

The Norwegian Meteor Network is analyzing video clips and other data on Sunday in an attempt to pinpoint the origin and destination of the meteor.

On Sunday, a meteor lit up the sky in Kristiansand, Norway. (Norwegian Meteor Network Handout/Reuters)

According to the network, preliminary data indicate that a meteorite may hit the Earth in a large forest area called Finnemarka, 60 kilometers west of the capital Oslo.

“This is crazy,” Morten Bilet, who saw and heard the meteor’s network, told Reuters.

Bilet said that by Sunday afternoon, no debris was found. Given the “demanding” location, it may take “approximately 10 years” for people to look for possible meteorites.

Bilet said the meteor traveled at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per second, illuminating the night sky for about 5 to 6 seconds. The sky in summer is gloomy, and from late June, the days begin to become shorter.

Bilet said that some witnesses also said that they felt stronger wind blowing through the incident, which also caused a pressure wave.

“What we saw last night was a large rock that may have come from between Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter is our asteroid belt. When it whizzed past, it caused a rumble, brisk, and great rumbling among us (experts). Excited, maybe other people also have some fear,” Bilet said.

Bilet said there were no reports of damage or people being particularly afraid of, adding that for the closest person, it might be more of a “horror” incident.

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