A 30-inch pipe burst and flooded the streets of southern Philadelphia

Early on Sunday morning, a 30-inch pipe on South Sixth Street and Bainbridge Street ruptured, causing severe flooding in southern Philadelphia.

Videos posted on Reddit Shows the water on South Sixth Street and Fitzwater Street gushing from the ground like miniature geysers. Another video It shows that the flood water spread along a block in Queens Village and gathered at someone’s door.

member r/Philadelphia The subreddit reports that the water pressure from South 13th Street and West Oregon Avenue to South Second Street and Lombard Street is very low.

One user wrote: “I came here just to check if there are any problems when my sink won’t open beyond the trickle.” “Guess this explains it!”

Others choose to look on the bright side.

Another user wrote: “Only once in a lifetime. Grab your board and use it.” “Vaya con Dios.”

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Water Authority told the Voice of Philadelphia on Sunday morning that the Philadelphia Water Authority noticed a malfunction in its system at midnight and dispatched staff to the area.Neighbor told Becca Hendrickson and 6ABC The water was nearly 4 feet high in some places, rushing in through the windows of the basement, causing extensive property damage.

A spokesperson for the water department said that the affected residents should restore normal water pressure, but repairing the 130-year-old master will be a “long-term maintenance”. Anyone still experiencing low water pressure should call the department’s emergency hotline 215-685-6300.

At around 3 am on Sunday, a Reddit user reported that the floods in Sixth and Fitzwater had “retreated a lot.”Staff blocked the Sixth and Bainbridge and other nearby streets On sunday morning Because they repaired the main and clean.

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