Victoria’s bus driver sends a unique message to Tokyo’s Olympic divers

Victoria-Stephen Bains is the kind of bus driver who works hard to say “welcome” to all passengers, which has won praise from many people.

“‘Wow! You are the only driver who turned his upper body to greet us!'” Stephen recalled a passenger.

Since they first met, transcendence and transcendence have been the top priorities for Stephen and his girlfriend Selena Tos.

“Our determination and professional ethics are very consistent,” Stephen said with a smile.

When Stephen threw the metaphorical blood, sweat and tears into the driving, Selena threw the real thing into the dive.

“For the past 12 years, she has worked 7 days a week and has been working for the Olympics,” Stephen said proudly. “When she can do this, I know I have to do something.”

When Selena was competing in Tokyo, Stephen was considering how to bless her from Victoria.

“(I was thinking) an enlarged slogan,” Stephen said. “And I know that the Canadian Diving Association has’We Fly’.”

Stephen used five double-decker buses in cooperation with BC Transit (representing the number of Olympic rings and her diving altitude). Then he lined up the buses to send messages.

“It turned out very well,” Stephen said. “It’s spectacular!”

He posted a photo on social media and invited Celia to take a look.

“‘Cool Stephen. Here is another picture of you in front of the bus!” Selena said with a smile in Tokyo, recalling her reaction.

“Then he was like,’No. No, what did the bus say?!'”

The message on the bus is “Fly High Celina”.

“I’m almost laughing!” Selena said. “Really thoughtful!”

But then Celina began to scroll from the picture to the message written by Stephen. It praised her kindness and conviction, her strength and wisdom. Selena did not smile, but her eyes were moist.

“It has been a very difficult year for COVID, and I am not sure if I will continue (training),” Selena said. “I was in a very dark, low place.”

But no matter how low, Stephen always “fly high.” Selena said that this made her feel hope outside of sports, which made her firmer in her Olympic dream.

“I said it was sports and interpersonal relationships-never give up,” Selena said. “If you want something, it will happen.”

Although the pandemic meant that Stephen could not be by the pool in Japan, his support from Canada has caused a sensation.

“If I can prove (Celina) that although we are not there, we are with you, then, I think, the task is complete,” Stephen said.

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