The British team was defeated in the women’s hockey game, Jade Jones and Andy Murray defended the champions


Tropical storm “Nepartak” has already adversely affected Olympic participants.

During the first day of Saturday’s activity, some people faced a hot and humid environment.

Organizers used air-conditioning units with temporary plastic ducts in a tennis match where Andy Murray and Joe Salisbury defeated the French team in a doubles match.

The 34-year-old Murray said: “The weather is very hot, but it feels good on the court. We have these things to blow out the cold air, and the final change helps a lot.

“Before we came out, we made some preparations in the high temperature. The conditions are quite active and it is not difficult to control the ball, but your serve will be faster.”

Cyclists participating in the men’s road race stuffed ice cubes into their jerseys, which were passed to them by roadside support staff.

Other athletes even use swallowed Bluetooth pills so that the coach can monitor body temperature.

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