San Diego-With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing, a nightclub in San Diego is sharing its response and how they are preparing for any changes that may occur in the future.

“We are still cautious that it is not over yet,” said Feliciano Pemba, the chief VIP host of the Parq restaurant and nightclub. “We are still paying attention and keeping track of what the numbers are.”

As Parker Nightclub San Diego County officials report that the city center has been open for a month Five-month high of COVID-19 cases Friday.

Last month, local health and public service agencies stated that the vast majority of cases and hospitalized cases involved people who were not fully vaccinated.

“Now, we feel very comfortable and can open the door-just because of the simple fact that people can choose to get vaccinated,” Pemba said. “For those who are not usually in the nightlife, they are usually active, healthy and young people-so we hope this is enough, but we will wait and see.”

Parq does not require employees or guests to prove vaccination status, and current California guidelines allow them to open without capacity restrictions. However, if the guidelines change, they are ready to adjust as needed.

Caleb Singleton, Parq’s VIP operations manager, said: “If we need to reduce capacity, maybe we can spread the table a little further.” “Obviously, making everyone’s night as safe and enjoyable as possible is our top priority.”

So far, the nightclub said that in the last month of opening, there has not been any COVID-19 outbreak among employees or guests, and they are paying close attention to anything that may need to be done to avoid closing again.

Singleton said: “As the mask requirement in Los Angeles is restored, we do think it might happen here.” “If we must restore the authorization to wear masks, we are prepared to do so.”

Parq staff stated that they hold weekly meetings to grasp information from state and county leaders and are ready to adjust their operations as needed.


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