NHL Draft Live: As Flyers’ wild offseason continues, follow Day 2

NHL Draft Live: As Flyers’ wild offseason continues, follow Day 2



As a fan of Flyers, this is a frustrating time. (But then again, when is it not?)

After years of hoping that the front desk could do something besides waiting patiently for the players to perform better, Chuck Fletcher and his company made waves and tried to open a new era of competition for the team. The problem is that not many people seem to think these measures are good.

get Be traded
Ryan Ellis Nolan Patrick
Philip Myers
Cap relief Shane Gostisberg
Second round draft
Seventh round draft
Rasmus Ristolainen Robert Hagg
First round draft
Second round draft

As Fletcher explained to the media on Friday, there may be more demand for flyers, and they still have some demand.

He said: “We will still see.” “Adding another goalkeeper will be the most important thing. We will see if we can add a bit of depth. We still hope to consider adding some players who can help early penalty kicks. These are The type we’re talking about is now available. I don’t think we will do anything in trading for the rest of this weekend. “

Philadelphia now Now more or less well prepared, Ian Provorov-Ryan Ellis, Travis Sannheim-Ramos Ristolainen and Ryan Braun-Ka M York may be paired. Does this make defense better? It might be. Will it put the team in a better position in the lineup, smaller depth, fewer picks and expiring contract Ristolainen? Well, these are the problems.

Philadelphia gave up the first-round pick after acquiring Risto last night, and they will participate in the game for the first time on Saturday, as the second to seventh rounds of the NHL draft will continue. Philadelphia has six draft picks.

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