MMA star Abdul-Malik Saidulaev had a wrong arm bending, and his opponent held his head in both hands and was seriously injured.

MMA fighter Abdul-Malik Saidulaev’s arm was bent incorrectly and was seriously injured.

Rustambek Nurzhanov threw a lightweight at the ACA: Young Eagles show in Chechnya, Russia.

But it ended in a terrible way, because Sedulayev’s arm was bent in the wrong way during a terrible break, and seeing the end of the battle, Nurzhanov held his head in his left hand.

Two months ago, UFC legend Jacare Souza broke his right arm in a UFC 262 victory over Andre Muniz.

After the Brazilian Muniz transitioned beautifully from his back, he broke his compatriot’s limbs with a nasty handrail.

X-rays after the game showed Jacare’s right humerus was broken in half.

The 41-year-old player-now in a four-game losing streak-is currently awaiting surgery in the hospital.

Jacare updated his fans on Sunday night and said, “Hey, what’s wrong with everyone? I’m in the hospital now.

“So, my arm is broken, and I will have surgery tomorrow.

“thanks UFC Thank you for your support and thank you for your support. So I think everything will be fine. thanks. “

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In his post-match interview, Muniz said of the broken arm: “I heard it broke.

“I let go not only out of respect, but I come from Jiu-Jitsu. I know that if I don’t let go, he may suffer more.

“I have been a fan of Jacare since I was a kid. He is my idol. I hope he is good.

“I should be in the top 15 now and I will stay.”

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