Man was shot and killed by police after chasing a car on high ground in the city: SDPD

San Diego-On Friday night, the police shot and killed a man while confronting a man behind a fast food restaurant in City Heights. The police said the man was armed with a gun. Investigators are investigating him and the two shooting incidents that night. Potential links.

According to the San Diego Police Department, after receiving a call from a nearby shooting incident, the police first went to the University and College Avenue in El Cerrito at around 9pm. SDPD Captain Rich Freedman and the head of the department’s homicide team said that officials found a man with gunshot wounds a few blocks away, and witnesses described a suspected escape vehicle used in the attack.

According to the police, a few minutes later, the police helicopter ABLE found a car that met the description of the witness. The helicopter crew pointed the patrol car in the direction of that car, and soon afterwards, the police pulled the driver over at the intersection of El Cajon Boulevard and 54th Street on the southeastern edge of the city’s heights.

Friedman said: “The car gave way, but one of the passengers ran out of the car and ran west along El Cajon Boulevard.” “The police officer and ABLE both described the man as a’hand Running with a gun in it’.”

After running a few blocks west, the man walked north briefly, but met the police behind a Yoshinoya fast food restaurant near El Cajon Boulevard. At that time, at least one police officer shot the man. The exact sequence that led to the fatal police shooting is still under review.

“The investigation is still in its infancy. We haven’t had a chance to see the camera footage or any surveillance video that we carried, but according to some police officers at the scene, they described him pointing at them with a weapon,” Friedman said late Friday Say.

In a later press release, SDPD Lieutenant Matt Dobbs wrote that the man “ignored several orders to stop and lay down his weapons” while fleeing the police, but did not specifically mention that the man pointed a gun at the police.

The man received medical treatment at the scene and was sent to the hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. Investigators confirmed his identity and said the man was 22 years old, but his name was not disclosed.

The police said that the gun the man was carrying had been found, and the other two pistols were seized from the vehicle where he escaped. The three men who remained in the car after being stopped were also detained.

Dobbs wrote that as investigators worked, they determined that this group of people may be related to another shooting that took place near Belmont Park on Mission Beach at around 5 pm on Friday. Further details are not immediately available.

Police said the victim of the City Heights shooting was shot in the leg at least once and was taken to the hospital for surgery.

As the authorities sort out the two shooting incidents, the homicide team of the department will also investigate the behavior of the police officers.

After the investigation is completed, the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will review the shooting to determine whether these police officers are facing any criminal liability, and the city’s internal affairs department and shooting review committee will evaluate the police officers’ strategies and determine whether they face any criminal charges Responsibility. Violation of any policy. Dobbs said the city’s police conduct committee will also review the incident and has notified the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The two police officers allegedly involved in the shooting did not disclose their identities, but Dobbs wrote that everyone worked in the department’s Midtown branch for about a year.

Anyone with information about any of the three shooting incidents is required to call the homicide team at (619) 531-2293 or (888) 580-8477.

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