Love Island’s Hugo was criticized by the former islanders for regrouping the drama, saying that he “liked Chloe from day one”

Love Island’s Hugo was criticized by the former islanders for regrouping the drama, saying that he “liked Chloe from day one”


Hugo Hammond of Love Island is brutalized by former islander Sharon Gavka after the reunion drama.

The civil servant claimed that he “fantasies” Chloe Burrows From the first day on, and slammed him as an “accomplice” Toby abandoned Katz.


Sharon gave his opinion on Hugo’s latest legend
She said'things around will show up'


She said’things around will show up’Credit: Erotem

salon After being bombarded with her opinions by fans, she recounted the recent villa drama in an Instagram story.

To keep her balance, she told her followers: “I don’t think Hugo Supporting Chloe is wrong, I know he will choose Chloe, and I know he will say something similar.

“I didn’t expect him to say that, so it surprised me. Maybe he spent too much time lying in bed with me.

“One thing I don’t like about Hugo’s speech is that Hugo publicly admitted to me that he allowed Chloe and Toby to crack… Obviously, I was [close] I don’t appreciate Kaz at all, because it is behind Kaz. So, for me, it goes round and round. “

What goes around comes around. “

Sharon Gafka

Sharon continued: “What I don’t like about this speech is that Georgia did nothing wrong. I just think it is unfair for her to witness or participate in it.

“To be honest, I really hate seeing Chloe upset, it’s too bad. I hate seeing any girl upset…but things around will always happen.

“If a man is willing to do this to another girl in order to be with you, he will do it to you in order to be with the other girl.”

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Sharon continues to imply that Hugo, she was a friendly couple before being abandoned, and since she first entered the villa last month, she has fallen in love with Chloe.

She said: “I said that Hugo would choose Chloe, because I think Hugo had a feeling for Chloe from the beginning. Now I’m watching their pillow talk, they have a little snuggle… Come on now .”

Quoting from the teacher in the episode last night, the beauty giggled and said: “‘Why don’t you go with someone who treats you nicely?’ Mr. Hammond, I saw your game. Okay!

And she was not the only one who heard the pillow talk, Last night viewers flooded social media to share their similar reactions Comment on Hugo.

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Sharon-and fans-heard Hugo's pillow talk


Sharon-and fans-heard Hugo’s pillow talkCredit: Erotem
Hugo of Love Island told Chloe that she should find a “good” person

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