Kelsey Plum helped the U.S. achieve 2 victories in the Olympic 3×3 basketball game

LA JOLLA (CNS)-Poway resident Kelsey Plum was the second scorer for the US team in two games as it won two games in the first women’s 3X3 basketball tournament at the Olympic Games on Saturday.

Meihua scored 6 points in the 17-10 victory over France at the Qinghai City Sports Park in Tokyo. The first lady Gil Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron attended the match. In the 21-9 victory over Mongolia later on Saturday, the club also scored 6 points.

“It’s a good thing to get rid of tension,” Plum said. “The game will only get better. You are the first game on the world stage, but once we start and our shots start to drop, we will be able to be ourselves.”

Between the 10-minute game and the 10-minute game for 34 seconds, Club used the first of her two 2-point baskets to give the United States a one-minute lead. With 4:17 left in the game, the French team narrowed the lead to 9-8 under Mamignan Toure’s 2-point basket. Plum ended the US 5-0 game with a 2-point basket, leading 14-8 with 2:58 left.

Stephanie Dolson (Stephanie Dolson) scored a game-high 7 points for the US team, and her 8 1-pointers made 7 of them.

Plum called it “an honor” and “an opportunity to perform in front of the first lady.”

“We are very happy to win for her,” Plum said. “We asked her to come back, so I hope she has time to spend time with us. I love it. We just walked out and saw her in the stands. She waved her hand and she brought all the energy, so we are grateful for that .”

3X3 uses a 12-second shooting timer in half of the game. In-arc baskets and free throws score one point, and out-of-arc baskets score two points.

The winner is the first team to score 21 points or the team leading by the end of the 10-minute game clock.

Plum ended the 11-1 opening game against Mongolia with a 2-point basket. Dollson made a 1 point with 3:00 left in the game, ending the game. American Allisha Gray led all scorers with 9 points, hitting 4 of 5 two-pointers.

The United States will play against Romania on the USA Network at 1:30 on Sunday, and the Russian Olympic Committee at 5.25 on NBC. The billiards portion of the tournament includes a game against each of the other seven teams.

The two teams with the best records will advance to the semifinals, while the third to sixth teams will advance to the quarterfinals.

Plum was initially selected as the US women’s 3X3 team on February 17, 2020, and the team will try to qualify for the Olympic Games to be held in Bangalore, India next month. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the games and the Olympics have been postponed.

In June last year, Mei Hua tore his Achilles tendon while playing with her WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces, and was absent for the rest of the season.

Plum was selected as the best team in the FIBA ??Olympic qualifiers held in Graz, Austria from May 26th to 30th, helping the U.S. team to score 6 points with an average of 5.3 points, 2.0 “key assists” and 1.8 rebounds per game. -0 record.

Plum led La Jolla County Day to the 2012 CIF Division IV state championship. In four seasons in Washington, she scored an NCAA record of 3,527 points, including a single-season record of 1,109 points for seniors in the 2016-17 season.

The clubs are the first round of the San Antonio All-Stars draft in the 2017 WNBA Draft. The team moved to Las Vegas before the start of the 2018 season.

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