Flyers traded Jack Volachek for Cam Atkinson

Flyers traded Jack Volachek for Cam Atkinson


Chuck Fletcher, Flyers’ general manager, has been very busy-his latest move is sure to cause divisions among fans, just like his other important transactions this offseason.

The Flyers received more salary cuts and changed their offense, trading Blue Jackets’ right-wing winger Cam Atkinson for the veteran fan favorite Jakub Voracek.

In Columbus’s 10 seasons, Atkinson averaged 0.64 points and scored more than 20 goals six times, including 41 goals in the 2018-19 season. According to the contract, he has four more seasons with a cap of less than $6 million per game.

All of Voracek’s $7.5 million has now disappeared from the book because Flyers got rid of him and his recent struggles. Although he is an asset machine, in the past two seasons, he has only scored a total of 21 goals. During the playoffs, he was more or less invisible.

As this eventful offseason continues, we will see if there will be more action.

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