Family, friends, and volunteers held an awareness rally in Haigang Village

An awareness-raising rally was held for Chula Vista’s mother who went missing in Seaport Village.

San Diego-On Saturday, family, friends and volunteers held an awareness-raising rally in Seaport Village to help spread the news of the disappearance of May “Maya” Millete.

After her husband, the search for the missing Chula Vista mother is stepping up Larry Millete is listed as an interested person In the case earlier this week.

“We are working hard to raise people’s awareness and many people don’t know that she is still missing,” said volunteer Lisa Perez. “A lot of people will say,’Gosh, they haven’t found her yet?'”

Maya Millete has been missing for nearly seven months, but her sister Maricris Drouaillet, family, friends and volunteers have not given up their efforts to find her.

“We want her name to be the center of attention,” Drouaillet said.

She said the progress of the case allowed them to move on.

“Hopefully we will get the answer soon,” Drouaillet said.

Perez said that as more information floods in, “we can’t relax.”

This weekend was full of searches, gatherings and fundraising activities, and volunteers spent it all with their families.

“It’s like you can’t give up on them, they haven’t given up, so we can’t give up,” Perez said.

Drouaillet says that support for Maya Millete keeps them moving forward.

“So we are lucky, and we are really happy they are here,” she said. “They are the source of our strength, let us move on.”

Larry Millete also enforced a gun violence restraining order in May. A court clerk told FOX that these documents will be unsealed before the weekend, but they have not yet been made public.

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