In the past few weeks, we have been studying every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how they adapt to the team’s entry into training camp. Today we will end this series with experts.

Preview of previous boot camps

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First look at the depth map of expert positions:

ST 1 2
Potassium Jack Elliott
phosphorus Aylin Sipos
LS Rick Lovato
South Korea Boston Scott Jason Huntley
PR Greg Ward Jaylen Regg

Jack Elliott

After a very good start to his Hawks career, his shooting percentage was 85.9% (74 of 88 in the regular season and 11 of 11 in the playoffs), many of which appeared in very critical situations. Liott was awarded a five-year contract worth slightly more than $19 million.

In 2020, Elliott experienced the worst season of his career so far, because he shot only 19 times (73.7%), including two turnovers within 30 times. He also missed two PATs.

There is no doubt that Elliott will return in 2021 because it costs more to lay off him than to keep him, but what is certain is that he needs a strong rebound season to keep his job in 2022.

Because we are sometimes restricted to certain areas of the practice range and cannot move as freely as usual, I did not follow Elliott’s kicks during the training camp last year. I will (hopefully) return to that beat this year.

Aylin Sipos

The Hawks decided whether to bid for bettor Cameron Johnston as a restricted free agent for $2,133,000 this offseason, and they made the right decision. Johnston then became an unrestricted free agent and signed a three-year contract worth $8 million with the Houston Texans. It’s crazy, but it’s good for him!

Back in January, the Eagles are likely to expect Johnston to leave, so they signed a futures contract with Siposs, which is very similar to the way they signed a futures contract with Johnston in 2018, because they are expected to lose ? Tang Ni Jones.

Siposs is an Australian rule football player and a very good player, at least for a bettor. He is acting:

After undergoing three shoulder surgeries, Siposs gave up Australian football in favor of some kind of backup plan, namely becoming an American player. He attended Auburn University and became their starter when he was 25 years old as a sophomore.

In 2020, Siposs received the attention of several teams as a rookie undrafted free agent, and he chose to sign with the Detroit Lions. He competed with the 2019 UDFA Jack Fox for the kicking job of the training camp. Fox won the battle, but it was clearly close. Obviously, in 2020, Sipos has no preseason to show his performance in live NFL games.

According to these nerds who keep track of punters (and pay attention to Johnston’s position here), Fox will continue to be one of the more effective punters in the NFL:

ProFootballFocus agreed, because they made Fox the highest-rated punter in the NFL last season. Nevertheless, the Lions considered Siposs enough to keep him in their training team throughout the season.

Now 28 years old, but still inexperienced, Siposs is currently the only punter on the Hawks roster. Eagles, can’t you give me a gambler’s fight in training camp? Really? Didn’t even scrub to push this guy? I really don’t have that many requests.

Rick Lovato

Back in the days when I tried my best to do things that no one else had done, I have watched every season of Jon Dorenbo’s feature films, And pay attention to bad snapshots, and attach screenshots. I’m not so mentally ill these days, so I really can’t say how good or bad Lovato’s season is.

Lovato entered the Pro Bowl in 2019. In 2020, for the first time in his career with the Hawks (I can think of it anyway), he played significantly worse against the Cardinals for the first time, which caused him to miss PAT. Obviously, for long snapper, we will only notice errors, but Lovato seems to be a sufficiently reliable expert.

Kickback player

It almost feels like there is an invisible fishing line stretching on the 20-yard line, and Boston Scott will trip over it on all returns in 2020. The Hawks need to get Scott to return the ball better in 2021. He’ Jason Huntley will push him, he did not participate in the Eagles training camp last year, but this summer will have the opportunity to show his abilities. Michael Walker, who was recently signed, also has 18 career returns and a small number of players have played in Jacksonville.

Punt returnee

The top two punt returnees in 2020 are Greg Ward and Jalen Reagor. The Eagles are generally more willing to return Ward, who is completely unthreatening, to Wrigg because they believe he will actually pitch. Rieger is an unknown person, but it is clear that he offers the threat of a big game, just like we saw against the Packers.

Ward and Reagor may once again become the two major punt returnees in 2021. DeVonta Smith can also fight back, but the bet here is that the Eagles will not risk getting him injured on a special team.

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