Donald Trump speech scene-The former president cursed and said that the United States became a “communist” during Operation Turning Point in Phoenix

Trump attacks “big technology” and “low-end media”

“We will continue to fight until we regain freedom of speech,” Trump said of his lawsuits against tech giants Facebook, Twitter and Google.

“We can hunt them down and let us see what happens,” he said. “Worse than the big tech companies is lame streaming. We can give them a very accurate and verified statement, and they do the opposite.”

“The media no longer report the news. They only report the bad news about us to make the situation worse… and the good news about them, they make things better,” Trump claimed.

“If the other person has something bad, they don’t want to talk about it,” he continued. “Look at Hunter Biden. They don’t want to talk about it. Can you imagine that it is a Republican?”

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