Brazilian protesters call for Bolsonaro’s impeachment for the second time in a month

On Saturday, protesters in several Brazilian cities took to the streets to demand the impeachment of far-right President Bolsonaro. His reputation has declined in recent weeks due to corruption scandals in the context of the pandemic.

It was reported this week that Brazil’s Ministry of National Defense told the Congress’ leadership that if the country’s electronic voting system is not modified to include the paper record of each vote, next year’s election will not be held.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly hinted without evidence that the current system is prone to fraud, but the Brazilian government denied this accusation.

The president faces re-election in a possible race next year His political enemy, Former left-wing president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva. Current opinion polls show that Bolsonaro lost to Lula.

During a demonstration in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, a protester showed a puppet version of Bolsonaro. (Ricardo Moras/Reuters)

Protesters’ continued opposition

Saturday’s protest was at least the second time this month that Brazilians took to the streets in several cities against Bolsonaro.

Marcos Kirst, a protester in Sao Paulo, said: “I’m here because it’s time to react to our takeover of our country’s genocidal government.”

Saturday’s protests — including those in downtown Rio de Janeiro — were at least the second time this month that Brazilians took to the streets in multiple cities against the president. (Cald Souza/AFP/Getty Images)

More than 500,000 Brazilians have died of COVID-19 Under Bolsonaro’s leadership, Bolsonaro has been widely criticized for neglecting the severity of the disease and opposing wearing masks and maintaining physical distance.

Bolsonaro is currently under investigation in the Senate, which is investigating the possibility of corruption related to the purchase of India’s coronavirus vaccine.

On Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil, demonstrators took part in protests against the Bolsonaro government. (Miguel Cincario/AFP/Getty Images)

As of 4pm local time on Saturday, Paulista Avenue in São Paulo is a traditional place for political protests, and more than 1,000 people have gathered.

Bolsonaro greeted supporters while riding a motorcycle in the capital Brasilia on Saturday.

On Saturday, during a protest against the Brazilian president in Sao Paulo, a man wore a crocodile hat and a mask that read “Bolsonaro out.” (Cara Garnier/Reuters)

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