Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann hints at the 2024 Paris Olympics in France

Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann hints at the 2024 Paris Olympics in France


Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann (Antoine Griezmann) posted huge hints on social media that he might play for France in the next Olympics.

The next Olympic Games will be held in Paris, and it is likely that one or two high-profile French football players will play for this country at home.


When the next Olympic Games are held in Paris, Antoine Griezmann will be 33 years oldCredit: Getty

Griezmann on Twitter I wish the French team all the best in the Tokyo Olympics and share their photos of the parade at the opening ceremony.

The caption of this picture is: “I wish you happiness and success, we are proud of you. Long live France!”

official Paris 2024 The Twitter account responded to the 30-year-old Twitter asking: “In the 2024 parade, Antoine?”

Griezmann Then respond with a praying emoji, French flag, and love-perhaps indicating that he wants to participate in the competition in three years.

The fact that players chose to respond to the official Twitter account of the Olympics instead of fans indicates that a decision has been made.

Football olympics

The men’s football at the Olympics is considered a youth championship, with only a few senior international players participating.

Neymar leads Brazil to a gold medal In the 2016 Rio Olympics, despite being the leading football player in his country.

The Barcelona striker at the time miss The America’s Cup early in the summer to ensure that he is fully suitable for the Olympics.

and Group GB The one-off lineup for the 2012 London Olympics includes 38 years old Ryan Giggs And 33-year-old Craig Bellamy.

Each country is allowed to have three players in their team who are 24 years of age or older at the beginning of the calendar year.

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Senior international players Marcos Asensio, Eric Bailey and Danny Ceballos are among them Football stars at the Olympic Games postponed this summer.

Brazilian legend Danny Alves also competes in Japan, Take one drum Work with him to keep the team entertained in isolation.

There are also some of the best young players in the world, including Richard Leeson, Pedri and Gabriel Martinelli Will be exhibited in Japan.

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Antoine Griezmann shows off his scoring skills during Barcelona training

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