Andy Murray quits, Jed Jones is out, Adam Petty advances to the final

Both Andy Murray and Jade Jones’ gold medal defenses ended on the second day of the British bleak Tokyo Olympics.

However, Andy Murray dropped out of his tennis singles champion defending a few hours before he was ready to face Felix Ogg Alisim, thus dropping a blockbuster.

The two-time gold medalist confirmed that his medical team advised him not to play singles and doubles at the same time.

Therefore, Murray will continue to participate in doubles matches with Joe Salisbury.

Meanwhile, Jones was defeated by Kimia Alizadeh of the refugee team in the first obstacle.

The British women’s hockey team lost to Germany 2-1 in a close first game of the defending title.

But after another victory in the pool, Adam Peaty safely entered the men’s 100m breaststroke final.

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  • Oh my jones

    Report: In the first round of Taekwondo 57kg class, Jade Jones’ Olympic triple crown dream was shattered.

    The Welsh Miracles took the lead against the Iranian Kimia Zenoorin, who represented the refugee team.

    But the 28-year-old could never surpass the Rio bronze medalist, who took the lead in the last two minutes.

    Jones’ trunk was kicked to the last minute before Jones failed to appeal.

    Since the video referee reviewed the decision before confirming it, the tension was obvious.

    Another penalty kick prevented Jones from completing the task because she lost the game 16-10.

  • He went out

    After Andy Murray withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics due to a quadriceps strain, he basically ended his brilliant Olympic singles career.

    A few hours before he will face Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime in the first round at Ariake Tennis Park, news came that the two-time defending champion had withdrawn.

    After the fierce Japanese Heat on Saturday in the first round of doubles with Joe Salisbury-the two defeated the No. 2 seed of France in the first game-the Scot felt his thigh break tight.

    According to the medical advice of the British team doctor in the Olympic Village, it was decided that he should only focus on one event, and understandably, the chance of winning a medal in the men’s doubles match is greater.

    The former world number one said: “I was very disappointed that I had to quit, but the medical staff advised me not to participate in these two games.

    “So I made the difficult decision to quit singles and focus on playing doubles with Joe.”

  • Cole Bremen

    American golfer Bryson DeChambeau has tested positive for the coronavirus.

    The 2020 US Open was also forced to withdraw from the Olympics.

    De Chambord said: “I am deeply disappointed that I cannot represent the US team in the Olympics.

    “Representing my country means the whole world to me. It is a great honour for me to be this team.

    “I wish the U.S. team good luck in Tokyo next week. I will now focus on restoring my health and I look forward to returning to the game once I am allowed.”

  • Impact loss

    JADE JONES quit the Olympics!

    The two-time Olympic Judo gold medalist lost to Kimia Arizad Zonoz in the first round.

    Zonuz, who represented the Refugee Olympic team, defeated the star of the British team 16-12.

    This is a huge, huge impact.

    Jones was the first seeded player, and Zonuz ranked 16th in the competition.

  • The great scotsman

    Andy Murray seems to have withdrawn from the tennis men’s singles competition.

    The British are preparing to defend their title against Canada’s Felix Auger Aliassime this morning.

    However, he has now been removed from today’s game order and replaced by Australia’s Max Purcell.

    It is not clear whether he will continue his doubles match with Joe Salisbury.

  • On Tracks

    As expected, Adam Peaty made it safely to the men’s 100m Breakstroke final.

    The Englishman once again dominated, but was slightly slower than his time in yesterday’s warm-up match, entering with a time of 57.63 seconds.

    Pitti created the fastest 15 times ever in his game, and he will become a popular candidate for tomorrow’s final.

    If you want to broadcast live, this will be another early start, because it happened at 3.12 in the morning.

  • Sure to win

    James Wilby has entered the men’s 100m breaststroke final, where he will face Adam Petty.

    And a bland victory by his main competitor, Arno Kamminga, the Dutchman, will inspire Piti.

    He won the first place with a time of 58.19 seconds.

  • There are some

    This is the moment when Ahmed Hafnaoui won only Tunisia’s fifth gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games.

    The 18-year-old was an outsider from lane 8 but never let up in defeating Australian Jack McLaughlin.

    See what this means for his coach!

  • Wilmot 7th

    British team swimmer Aimee Wilmott (Aimee Wilmott) may be a little disappointed in her seventh place in the 400m individual medley final.

    Yui Ohashi won Japan’s first gold medal in the pool with his outstanding performance.

    After the final, Wilmot said: “This is where I am. I just want to have fun.

    “Since I was 10 years old, my parents will show up every time they meet, and I am sad that they are not here.

    “Time is over, but I must go in and try my best.”

  • Full-time-Team GB 1 Germany 2

    The British women’s gold team started their Olympic champion’s defense with a defeat against the German team.

    The Englishman almost completely dominated when he took the lead in the first quarter and should enter the break sooner.

    Germany then regrouped in the second quarter and tied the score with a controversial penalty.

    Then Charlotte Stapenhorst won the game for Clinical Germany in a counterattack in the third quarter.

    However, everything is far from defeated, and four of the six teams will reach the quarter-finals.

  • Yellow card!

    In the rest of the game, the German team is in female form in almost all games.

    Shooter Victoria Hughes was shown a yellow card and a 5-minute penalty kick.

    With Germany leading 2-1, the GB team had less than 6 minutes left to draw here.

  • Four sake

    After finishing fourth in the Olympics for the second time in a row, Max Litchfield was heartbroken.

    The Englishman was an outsider at the start of lane 8, but it looks like he may have done enough to win a bronze medal in the 400m individual medley.

    However, Australia’s Brendan Smith managed to maintain third place as Lichfield tied for fourth with Hungary’s David Verazt.

    Chase Kalisz of the United States is the champion of the competition.

  • Incredible pool scene!

    When Tunisian Ahmed Hafnaoui rushed home to win the gold, the men’s 400m freestyle hit a huge impact.

    Many people think that the 18-year-old entering the final is the greatest achievement-but the top talent has other ideas.

    The teenager couldn’t believe it, and his coach couldn’t believe it, because the last two of them were crazy.

    Gorgeous scene.

  • Team GB 1 Germany 2

    It is the German who leads in a draw.

    The GB team has exerted a lot of pressure, but failed to get countless penalty kicks in return.

    This led to Germany taking the lead in the third quarter.

    15 minutes for the British to save the game.

  • Team GB 1 Germany 2

    The German team won the first penalty.

    Great Britain went upstairs and lost their recommendation as a decision.

    This is bad news for fans of the GB team, but for those who just want to continue the game, it may be for the greater good.

  • Target!

    The British were under a lot of pressure at the beginning of the third quarter, but it was the German who attacked.

    Another goalkeeper scrambled to see the British failed to force the ball home.

    Germany then scored and Stapenhorst switched from close range within a few seconds.

  • Half Time-Team GB 1 Germany 1

    At the end of the first quarter, some of the alternative words on the German bench had produced the desired effect.

    Since most of the second quarter was played in the British half, a controversial penalty penalty caused the 2016 bronze medalist to equalize the score.

    Despite missing the ball, Victoria Hughes subsequently switched.

    The GB team returned to the game in the last few minutes of the second quarter, creating several opportunities they couldn’t switch.

  • Target!

    So far, this is not the best prosecution against the hockey video censorship system.

    Another lengthy referral led to another uncertain decision and free throws.

    Victoria Huse failed to catch the ball correctly, but sent Maddie Hinch in the wrong way and it was enough to level the German team.

  • Team GB 1 Germany 0

    The Germans performed much better in the second half because they put the British under pressure and missed the goal line, but the referee asked for a penalty.

    The British team asked for a review and the decision seemed to be overturned, but the referee said that she made the decision based on different events.

    Another lengthy video recommendation is in progress…

  • Team GB 1 Germany 0

    The gold medalist leads the bronze medalist after gaining an advantage in the first quarter of Tokyo.

    Mark Haag will be pleased with his team’s performance so far, because they forced four penalty kicks and two German green cards, which means two minutes of crime.

    There are some very strong remarks on a loud German side, and they are lucky to be only one goal behind.

  • Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh head

    Team GB took the lead before the end of the first quarter.

    Sarah Jones shot from close range after the goalkeeper scrambled.

    The pressure of the GB team finally paid off.

  • Don’t mention VAR

    With two minutes left in the first quarter, this is an extremely slow video commentary.

    The Germans called for a review, and after a long wait, the decision is still inconclusive.

    This means that the penalty corner kick decision is established, and Germany retains their recommendation.

    Each team receives a video recommendation for each game.

  • We walked!

    The British team is playing against Germany in the women’s hockey game, which is an encouraging start.

    The Englishman forced three penalty kicks in the opening minutes, but still failed to find a breakthrough.

    After today’s game, Britain will face South Africa, India, the Netherlands and Ireland.

  • Unity

    We are only a few minutes away from the GB team’s first women’s hockey game because they want to keep the title.

    Hollie Webb was a member of the 2016 Rio Olympic gold medal team, and today she will be the captain of her national team in Tokyo.

    The German team took the lead in the severe test of our golden girl.

  • Pursuing the gold medal

    Remind you of all the activities of today and the medals that will be provided.

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