8 photo stories that will challenge your worldview

8 photo stories that will challenge your worldview


This week is another thought-provoking observation of the impact of global climate change. We see China being submerged by floods, and terrible wildfires continue to occur in the Pacific Northwest.Photographer Marina Vitaglione Using ancient photography techniques to capture otherworldly images of London’s air pollution, Eva Marie Uzcátegui visited a sandbar in Miami that has become a popular meeting place in the area. And will be destroyed.

Many news media pay tribute to Indian photographers Siddiqui, He was killed while working in Afghanistan. His work has brought him stories from all over the world, and his report on the Rohingya refugee crisis won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018. The Delta variant of COVID-19 is on the rise, raising concerns about re-locking. Todd Heisler and David Gonzalez The New York Times introduced 115 workers who kept the city running during the pandemic, even if some of them found themselves unemployed.

Although the pandemic continues, the Olympics started this week after a year of delay, which means that all eyes are on the celebrations in Tokyo. For fun, we took a last look at the celebrities at the French and Cannes Film Festivals.

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