When can I see the Buck full moon in July: the moonrise time of the Philadelphia sky

When can I see the Buck full moon in July: the moonrise time of the Philadelphia sky



Residents of the Philadelphia area should look up at the night sky this weekend, because the full moon in July will not only shine brightly, but may also have an ordinary color.

This month’s full moon, called Buck Moon, will reach its maximum phase at 10:37 PM on Friday night. Farmer’s YearbookIt will also be 100% full on Saturday night and then drop slightly to 97% on Sunday night.

The moon may look red or orange if Smoke from wildfires in Canada and Oregon Continue rafting on the east coast. The smoke is responsible for the hazy sky that covered the Philadelphia area earlier this week. It arrives by upper atmospheric winds and accumulates in a two-mile layer at least five miles above the surface.

On Friday, the moon will rise from the sky east-southeast of Philadelphia at around 8:34pm, and the moon will appear at 9:19pm on Saturday night and 9:55pm on Sunday night. Farmer’s Yearbook.

No, Buck Moon’s name is not to commemorate the Milwaukee Bucks winning the first NBA championship in 50 years earlier this week. The name is to indicate the time of the year when new antlers grow on the head of the stag.

Buck Moon is also commonly referred to as Thunder Moon and Hay Moon. The thunder attribute comes from thunderstorms that often occur in summer. Farmers also cut and process hay at this time of the year to reserve hay for the winter.

The name of the full moon can be traced back to Native American tribes as a means of recording the four seasons, according to Farmer’s YearbookThere may be some differences in the names, but in most cases, the titles among the regional tribes are fairly consistent.


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