The 76ers may trade the No. 28 rookie, but are still not interested in many of Ben Simmons’ offers

The 76ers may trade the No. 28 rookie, but are still not interested in many of Ben Simmons’ offers



Entering the NBA Draft, the 76ers are expected to give priority to providing more direct help to the team. A source told the Voice of Philadelphia that before or during the draft next week, the No. 28 pick is “very likely” in progress, because Philadelphia Continue to explore multiple ways to upgrade the team before next season.

Although the exact framework of such a deal is still very unstable-the 76ers are willing to trade a veteran player or recover future assets to fill the war funds-all signs indicate that Philadelphia will be ranked 28th. The 76ers are looking for assets they can use to win an early victory, ideally for another starter to join next year’s rotation.

The 76ers found themselves in a similar position last season, knowing that they may need the 21st pick to cancel one of their contracts or provide a more direct impact in the form of acquiring veterans. The 76ers eventually terminated Al Horford’s contract with a future-led contract, and Tyrese Maxi fell into their scope, and finally changed their philosophy of how to handle the draft. The team’s evaluation of him is enough to make He gained a firm foothold and introduced another player with development potential.

There is no contract to terminate now, but the 76ers believe that they have reached the upper limit of the number of development representatives they can provide, in Maxey, Matisse Thybulle, Paul Reed, Isaiah Joe and other older but still developing players such as Shake Milton and (probably) Furkan Korkmaz, if he is brought back to fold. If a gem accidentally falls on them, the 76ers are open to the idea of ??using picks, but there have been conversations on the trade side, and these discussions are expected to heat up early next week.

Philadelphia’s position on the 28th has nothing to do with the ongoing large-scale discussions surrounding Ben Simmons, and it has nothing to do with Ben Simmons’s future for the time being. According to sources familiar with the situation, the 76ers continue to offer high prices to Simmons. If there is no suitable opportunity, they will not be under pressure or eager to trade him.

When other teams seek potential deals, Philadelphia’s message has remained consistent.If the offer doesn’t reflect his status as a super-efficient, multiple All-Star, and the status of the team, they won’t be on the table at all. I believe internally that if he is still a core player, they can at least solve some of his problems on the court. Although Simmons stalled in the second round, the team insisted that they were working hard.

Internally, team sources believe that many of the reported quotes in the league are transparent, trying to reduce the value of Simmons’ transactions below actual levels. According to sources familiar with the situation, the 76ers are not interested in the package of returning multiple role players and draft picks in exchange for Simmons. As a concrete example, a source told the Voice of Philadelphia that the 76ers will not even discuss with the Sacramento Kings unless guard De Aaron Fox is included in a potential deal, which they believe is just the starting point for negotiations.

The 76ers continue to plan different paths and discuss various scenarios around establishing a competitor around Joel Embiid in the short to medium term. If this becomes the best way for them to move forward, the team is prepared to continue around Embiid/Simmons Cooperation to repair. Big fish’s trade discussions may be suspended for a while-Damian Lillard’s participation in the Olympics in Tokyo is a complicated factor that is expected to slow down any direct conversations about his future with Portland. But Philadelphia will continue to work in the league to seek major and minor improvements in the draft and beyond.

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