One might say that actress Kate Winslet’s seven Oscars and three Emmy nominations are the highest achievements of her critically acclaimed career.

But the “East Side Mare” star would say that, despite being a joke, the annoying “Murdur Durdur” sketch on Saturday Night scene mocked the HBO limited series as the greatest honor of her acting career.

“I have never felt like an actor in my life because of’Murdur Durdur’ like now,” Winslet Tell Entertainment Weekly.

She said Winslet and her family often re-watch the sketch together because it makes them laugh happily.

“From time to time in our family, we would say,’Oh, should we look at it quickly?’ We would laugh and cry around the iPhone,” Winslet said.

This SNL sketch The deceptive murder mystery show and a large number of Philadelphia cultural references, the most notable is the accent portrayed by the character.

The premise of the sketch is a commercial advertisement for a show called “Murdur Durdur”, which tells the story of a Pennsylvania detective determined to solve a murder case, echoing the plot of “East City Mare”.

Kate McKinnon imitated the role of Winslet, although she chose Care instead of Mare. One narrator described McKinnon’s role as “an actress with a messy ponytail with the words’Forget that I am actually British.'”

fan Applause for Winslet’s impersonation The unique dialect of the region runs through the show. Winslet said it was important for her to have a good accent when she signed for “Easttown Mare.”But she admitted that it was one of the most challenging dialects she asked for, she said Let her “throw things”.

“East Town Mare” was shot and filmed in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, following detective Mare Sheehan — Winslet’s character– Because she tried to solve a murder investigation and two missing persons cases while struggling in her own life.

Image of Winslet Won an Emmy nomination for her Outstanding heroine in a limited series. The last time she won an Emmy Award was in 2011 because of her work on HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”.

All seven episodes of the limited series can now be played on HBO Max.


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