Police say a Delaware man stole a hidden camera in the locker room of the King of Prussia Mall

Police say a Delaware man stole a hidden camera in the locker room of the King of Prussia Mall



Earlier this month, a man in Smyrna, Delaware faced criminal charges for placing hidden cameras in the fitting rooms of Hollister and Urban Outfitters in the King of Prussia Mall.

After the police in Upper Merrion discovered the hidden device on July 3, the 26-year-old Joseph Stevenson was charged with privacy violations and related crimes.

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Publisher Upper Merrion Police Department exist Friday, July 23, 2021

On the same day, the police received a report saying that the Hollister store found suspicious items in the fitting room. According to the police, a customer found a pen and recognized that it contained a secret camera. The item was handed over to the store management and later handed over to the police for review.

Investigators determined that Stevenson was an interested person and determined that he also allegedly visited Urban Outfitters that day. The manager of the store reported to the police that an employee found the same pen while inspecting the fitting room.

Police said the cameras in the Hollister store contained pictures of six women and a man undressing in various states. All victims have been identified and understood the investigation.

Two other female victims from the Urban Outfitters store can be seen in the image of the second camera. The identities of these victims have not yet been determined and have not been informed of the incident.

The police stated that they possessed these two devices and there is no reason to believe that any images were disseminated in any way.

Stevenson has been subpoenaed and released after bail was $10,000. He was asked not to have contact with the victim and not to go to the shopping center.


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