Before making a donation to Goodwill or any thrift store, it’s best to evaluate the value of your goods.

A recent video game donated to the Goodwill store in Pennsylvania ended up at an auction for $30,000, and the initial bid was only $9.99.

The Hannover store in the Goodwill Keystone Area received a brand new Nintendo game console and 27 old-fashioned game cassettes in their original packaging, intact.

Donation service representative Nichole Garcia has a hunch that consoles and games may be very valuable.

“My brother-in-law sells collectibles and understands Nintendo’s systems and games,” Garcia said. “I learned a thing or two from him and thought these ink cartridges would be interesting. When they were posted on our shopgoodwill.com website, I sent him a link. He thought they would sell for more than $10,000 I don’t know where the bid will end up, but I’m very excited.”

Some of the games in the bundle include classic Nintendo games such as “Metal Gear,” “Bad News Baseball,” and “Infiltrator.”

In eight days, the bid far exceeded $10,000, and after 143 total bids, the price rose by $30,000.02.

Ink cartridge packaging is the highest-selling item among all the merchandise auctioned by Goodwill Keystone Area.

Old-fashioned video games—especially those that are packaged in perfect condition—are increasingly becoming precious items at auction.Recently sold sealed copy “Super Mario 64” over 1.5 million US dollars So jaw-dropping, even experts are confused about the value of this game, because it is Nintendo 64’s best-selling game, and even in this case it is not particularly rare.Some video game fans have Speculate The sale is part of a money laundering conspiracy.

Concerns about goodwill labor with Business practice In addition, those who own old-fashioned video games should spend some time researching their value before giving up on them. They may not get $30,000 in a package, but it seems that there is a high demand for classic games in working condition.


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