My husband is difficult to get along with, I am worried that he has autism

My husband is difficult to get along with, I am worried that he has autism


Dear Dedley: I think my husband may have autism.

We have been together for 15 years and have a 12-year-old son with ADHD.


I am worried that my husband has autism

A few years ago, my husband started to exhibit strange behaviors—not sleeping or getting up for a run at four in the morning.

He will go shopping and spend money like we are millionaires, buying brand-name shirts, shoes or computer equipment.

Then he will become very frustrated because we can’t pay the bills, and he will be depressed and rude for weeks.

After that, he will suddenly become very happy and energetic again.

I was 43 and told him to see a doctor, but he insisted that he had no problems.

I love him very much—he is my soulmate—but he often cannot live with him these days.

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Dedley said: Although you say that these “symptoms” only started to appear a few years ago, people in this pedigree are born like this.

They will not change suddenly.

I cannot make a medical diagnosis, but it may be a mental health problem.

Please persuade your husband to see his general practitioner to rule out any sinister conditions and obtain possible treatment.

Tell him you love him, worry about him, he is not the man you married.

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