Love Island’s Danny Bibby again apologizes for the n-word defamation after 1,500 Ofcom complaints

Love Island’s Danny Bibby again apologizes for the n-word defamation after 1,500 Ofcom complaints


LOVE Island star Danny Bibby (Danny Bibby) once again apologized for his use of the n word after inducing more than 1,500 complaints to Ofcom.

This 25-year-old plumber is Involved in the race After sharp-eyed fans discovered that he used slander below the Instagram post.

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Danny again apologized for the n-word defamation on InstagramImage source: INSTAGRAM/DANNY BIBBY
In the now-deleted post, the love island star used the word in the comments


In the now-deleted post, the love island star used the word in the commentsCredit: Instagram

After being eliminated earlier this week, Danny Explain and apologize on his social media.

He wrote to the fans: “Hello everyone, I finally went home safely, with my friends and family, and more importantly, my cat Ruffin.

“Although I would have liked to stay a little longer so that people can understand the real Danny Bibby, I’m very happy to come back, so I can correctly solve the problem of posting on Instagram.

“Although I realized this in the villa and issued an apology, this matter has been in my mind during the days there, and I now want to add something.”

Danny went on to add that after seeing the backlash on posts and social media, he was “really sorry” for using the word.

He added that this stemmed from his admiration for rap music, which he didn’t know at the time would cause offense because of the way it was written.

“After seeing all the comments and reactions to the post, I understand the use of this word even more, even in its writing and intent, which is very offensive to people. I’m really sorry,” he continued Said.

“I always knew that writing in another way is a mean term, and I would never use it. But I don’t know the way I use it is not.

“I have also heard songs like 50cent, drake and Eminem since I was a kid, and I use them to call friends/brothers/brothers.

“This is true. I now know that this term is unacceptable under any circumstances and will never use it again.

“Education is the key to solving problems. I learned a very valuable lesson. I hope others can do the same. I sincerely apologize to anyone I offend and ask for your forgiveness.”

At the end of his apology, he said that he wanted to live a “normal life” and hoped that this would become the past.

“I want to thank all my friends, family and the public very much for their great support during my work. Love island Journey,” he wrote.

‘I am not a racist’

It was after Love Island was shot More than 1,500 Ofcom complaints against Danny reviews Made on his Instagram page.

The Sun exclusively reported on the 25-year-old plumber N words used In a historic social media post unearthed last week.

When Danny entered the villa on July 15, viewers sent more than 1,500 complaints to the broadcast commentator.

The show received 426 complaints again on July 18, when the show used The song N****s of Jay-Z and Kanye West in Paris The soundtrack in the villa after the new boy Danny was involved in the racecourse.

Fans keep asking Danny He will be removed from the villa since he discovered offensive defamation in his comments on Instagram in 2019.

in a Last week’s statement, He said: “I want to take the time to apologize to anyone who may be offended by my inappropriate remarks. My comments are not malicious at all.

“I am not a racist. This is unacceptable language and ignorance. I didn’t mean to offend. I think I really learned from my mistakes and will never use this word again. I am a kind person, I hope you can perform.”

Earlier in the day, Danny’s dad apologizes for his son’s n word Posting and insisting that “he is not a racist, but this is a mistake.”

The exchange took place 85 weeks ago in November 2019, when he was 23 years old.

Discovering the use of offensive slander, Love Island fans added: “I will take it down.”

The person running the Danny account quickly did so-initially deleted the comment, and then deleted the post completely.

Danny was dumped from the villa earlier this week


Danny was dumped from the villa earlier this weekCredit: Erotem
The star apologized more than once for racial slander


The star apologized more than once for racial slander
Both AJ and Danny were thrown out of Love Island Villa

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