Love Island 2021 LIVE-Fans opened their mouths as Hugo’s reunion roar triggered a feud with Toby and Chloe

KAZ and FAYE leave “furious” because Chloe celebrates being saved

Fans claim that Kaz Kamwi and Faye Winter of LOVE Island are “flaming up” because Chloe Burrows celebrated being rescued in shock recovery.

Last night, 24-year-old Hugo Hammond decided not to let his 25-year-old marketing executive go home, which means Townsend, Georgia, 28, was given guidance.

But when she sat down with a smile on her face, Faye and Kaz were not impressed-many viewers of the ITV2 show pointed this out on Twitter.

One wrote: “Tell you, even though many people will oppose Hugo 100% now. You can see that the boys are a little angry because Faye and Kaz are angry.”

Another said: “Why are Kaz and Faye angry with Hugo, this talented and well done young man.”

The third person interrupted and said, “I think Faye and Kaz secretly wanted Chloe out because she was with Toby. That’s why they were so angry and didn’t understand why they were on Toby’s side. This literally explains why he Never been to a relationship before.”

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