On Thursday, the Governor-designate Mary Simon spoke with the Queen for the first time.

In a short online conversation posted on the royal family’s Instagram account, the queen said she was very happy to talk to Simon and told her that she was “taking over a very important job”.

“Yes, I am honored to be able to complete this work in the next few years,” Simon said. “I think this is vital to our country.”

Simon was born in Kangjiksu Alujac, Quebec, and will become Canada’s first aboriginal governor. She will officially take up her post on July 26.

Simon will become the 30th Governor of Canada and the 16th Governor appointed by the Queen during the nearly 70 years of her reign.

The Office of the Official Language Commissioner stated that after receiving 430 complaints from Canadians that Simon did not speak French, it plans to investigate the process of nominating the governor.

Simon is an Inuit and was educated at the Federal Day School in Nunavik, Quebec. She said that she had no chance to learn French when she was young.

She promised to learn languages ??during her tenure as governor. Many French-speaking countries questioned why she had not done so during the nearly 20 years of working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The official language commissioner Raymond Théberge said he was not surprised by the number of complaints.

“I expect a lot of complaints, because for many Canadians, the issue of official language and language duality is very important,” he said. “Complaints continue.”


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