Dozens of Palestinians injured in confrontation with Israeli army | Israeli-Palestinian conflict news

Dozens of Palestinians injured in confrontation with Israeli army | Israeli-Palestinian conflict news


Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in Beta in the occupied West Bank to protest against illegal Israeli outposts nearby.

Medical staff stated that during the protest against Israeli illegal settlements outposts, there were clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank’s Beta Flashpoint village, and more than 140 Palestinians were injured.

The Israeli army said that two soldiers were also “lightly injured” in the violence on Friday.

An Agence France-Presse reporter said that hundreds of Palestinians gathered in Beta, located in the northern part of the Israeli-occupied West Bank to protest against the illegal outpost Eviatar nearby.

Demonstrations against the illegal expansion of settlements on Palestinian land frequently occur in the area.

The Israeli army said, “In the past few hours, riots have occurred in the Givat Eviatar outpost area south of Nablus.”

It said in a statement: “Hundreds of Palestinians threw stones at the Israel Defense Forces (Army) troops, who responded by means of dispersing the riots,” adding that two “lightly wounded” soldiers were taken to the hospital. .

The Palestine Red Crescent Society said that 146 Palestinians were injured in the conflict, of which 9 were wounded by live ammunition, 34 were hit by rubber bullets, and 87 were wounded by tear gas.

Jewish settlers established the illegal Eviatar outpost in early May and built simple concrete houses and shacks within a few weeks.

The building ignored international and Israeli laws and triggered fierce protests by the Palestinians, who insisted that it was built on their land.

But after reaching an agreement with the new government of the nationalist Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, the settlers left the outpost on July 2nd, and the buildings they built will continue to be guarded by the military.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense stated that it will study the area to assess whether it can be declared state-owned land under Israeli law.

If this happens, Israel can authorize the construction of a religious school in Eviatar to provide housing for its staff and students.

About 475,000 Jewish settlers now live in the occupied West Bank, which Israel has occupied since 1967.

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