To warn experts that it is too early to say whether the COVID-19 numbers have stabilized

Experts warn that the apparent decline in the number of Covid-19 cases may be temporary until exponential growth resumes. As of 9 am on Thursday, there were 39,906 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases in the UK, down from 44,104 in the same period on Wednesday.

As of Thursday, within 28 days of testing positive, another 84 people had died, up from 73 on Wednesday. Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia’s Norwich School of Medicine, said Thursday is the first time since early May that the number of reported cases was lower than the same day the previous week.

“They represent a drop of 18%. In addition, the week-on-week increase in cases has also fallen from a peak of 43% last Sunday to 24% today.

“But it’s too early to see any impact of the relaxation on Monday the 19th. Part of the reason for the reduction in cases is that schools are now closed and many children are no longer being tested as usual.

He said: “I want to warn that this may only be a reported temporary slowdown before we start to see exponential growth resumed next weekend due to the end of restrictions last week.”


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