Ben Simmons trade talks: Where is the Philadelphia 76ers star now?

Ben Simmons trade talks: Where is the Philadelphia 76ers star now?


The continuing saga of whether 76ers guard Ben Simmons is leaving Philadelphia seems to be coming to an end.

It’s fair to say that the acceleration of speculation surrounding Simmons’s future at Wells Fargo Center directly stems from his less glorious playoff status, which is undoubtedly sad.

However, it seems that the 25-year-old three-time All-Star rookie is becoming the scapegoat for the 76ers’ failure. Despite this, people are increasingly talking about possible deals that Australians may make, so where do they go?

The list of possible locations where Simmons might end is increasing every week, and NBA odds In this matter, it can be said to be competitive at least.

Simmons is (-125) staying in Philadelphia. These odds have been greatly shortened in recent weeks. The most popular among the chasers are the Washington Wizards (+200) and the Portland Trail Blazers (+300).A possibility

Transfer to the Cleveland Cavaliers

It is another option, and some sources believe that trading Darius Garland and Larry Nance Jr. in the other direction may be attractive to the 76ers.

The Golden State Warriors are another team that is interested in reports that internal conversations are already underway and the trade will involve draft picks and may include James Wiseman and Andrew Wiggins.

No matter how you look at it, the whole situation is starting to look a bit like a circus. The 76ers will soon want to kill things in the bud.

NBA legend Charles Barkley also expressed his views on this matter.

“They had serious problems in Ben Simmons’s case because I knew Philadelphia was a very difficult town when things didn’t go well,” Barkley said. “I heard all these fans talking about how we traded Ben Simmons, but after watching his game, I know he can make 30-40 million a year, which team, and he is afraid of shooting, which team wants to use Is this situation trading? So I think it will be, I don’t even know the correct answer. Do the 76ers think they can fix him? Or do they just want to trade him at a lower price? Because as a player, you Won’t get the same value.'”

On the other hand, it is Philadelphia coach Rivers who provides support for Simmons;

“Ben is great. I want him back,” Rivers said. “He is great. He will be great. …I don’t think he needs much repair. He will be good to us. He will be great.”


Support Simmons

After his poor playoff performance, he directly supported his star players.

“I’m still very optimistic about Ben. But there are jobs. Yes,” Rivers admitted after the season. “And this would be willing to do this, that’s the key. Sometimes you have to go through something to see it and treat it honestly.

“Obviously Ben just went through something, I can’t imagine. Because he is very good in everything he does. In my opinion, he can quickly fix some areas and become better, and that is to bring him Go to another level. Sometimes you don’t know why you are in a different place. Do you understand what I mean? But it may be one of them. I think this is a huge challenge, but it is definitely a feasible challenge.”

So where will Simmons end? Follow this space…

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