When Jason Peters promised listeners in 2019 that if his “2100” podcast downloads reached 15,000 times, he would walk to Atlantic City, which he thought was a “pipe dream”.

Two years later, podcast downloads soared to more than 15,000 times-he kept his promise. Last week, Peters and Carlos Aponte, executive director of the non-profit afterschool program We Love Philly, embarked on a 62-mile journey from the Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia.

Peters said: “I decided to go for a walk instead of walking for no reason. I will go for a career.” Tell South Philadelphia to comment.

Peters and Aponte joined forces for We love philadelphia, Which aims to enhance students’ abilities by teaching life skills and providing professional development.

The two left last Friday night and walked 15 miles. They completed another 21 miles on Saturday. When they arrived in Atlantic City on Sunday, they were greeted by our students and drums who love Philadelphia. Then they dipped their feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

Aponte said his goal is to raise $30,000 to help us love Philadelphia to transform a shipping container into an Airbnb that students can list and manage. CBS3 report. This initiative is called project ownership.

“Students will do all the work, maintain it, use it to make money, understand the ownership, the value of the property, and everything in the process,” Aponte told the South Philadelphia Review. “It is teaching people real-life skills.”

Peters and Aponte raised $12,800 for Project OwnerSHIP at the end of the trip.

This”2100“Podcasting was launched in January 2019. It is a “time capsule left for people in 2100 to analyze and find what they want”, According to the Apple Podcast.


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