Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Olympic Games are finally scheduled to be held today after being postponed for one year.

Like all games, Tokyo Will have its own unique logo.


The Tokyo 2020 logo combines traditional Japanese colors with the Olympic motto of “unity of diversity”Credit: Agence France-Presse

What is the Tokyo 2020 logo and what does it stand for?

This Tokyo 2020 The mark is called a coordinated checkered mark.

Organizers claim that it combines traditional Japanese colors with the unified motto of the Olympic Games’ diversity.

A statement from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics said: “Checkered patterns have historically been popular all over the world.

“In Japan, in the Edo period (1603-1867), the checkered pattern was called “ichimatsu moyo”. This checkered design using the traditional Japanese color indigo expresses Japan’s refined elegance and sophistication.

“The design is composed of three different rectangular shapes, representing different countries, cultures and ways of thinking.

“It incorporates the message of’unity in diversity’.

“This also expresses the fact that the Olympic and Paralympic Games seek to promote diversity as a platform to connect the world.”

Who designed the 2020 Olympic Games logo?

Revised logo 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Paralympics Designed by Asao Tokolo.

Tokolo’s design was selected in 2016, when the original design was abandoned after being accused of plagiarism.

The first Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo designed by Sano Kenjiro was accused of plagiarizing the work of Belgian designer Olivier Derby.

The logo was judged to be too similar to the logo of the Belgian Theatre of Liege


The logo was judged to be too similar to the logo of the Belgian Theatre of LiegeCredit: Getty Images

Has the logo of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics changed?

Yes it is. In 2015, the original logo was scrapped due to allegations of plagiarism.

Japanese media reported that the designer Kenjiro Sano admitted to plagiarizing materials on the Internet.

Toshio Muto, Director General of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, said at a press conference: “We are sure that these two signs are different.

“But we became aware of new things this weekend and have a sense of crisis that we think we cannot ignore.

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“We came to the conclusion that we are only suitable for abandoning the logo and developing a new one.

“At this point, we have decided that this logo cannot gain public support.”

Belgian designer Olivier Debie claimed that the logo was taken from the logo he designed for the Theatre de Liege in 2013.


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