What are they talking about: The future of the Eagles is bleak, and their technical players are one of the worst players in the NFL

What are they talking about: The future of the Eagles is bleak, and their technical players are one of the worst players in the NFL


We are now one week away from the Eagles’ first training camp under the leadership of their first year coach Nick Siriani. For the first time in at least a few years, there is only tepid excitement in the fan base, because most people are careful not to be too excited, knowing that the future may be a year of learning, and the Eagles need to find more than just a coach in this year. Whether he is the right person for the job—in any case, he may have more than one season to prove himself—and more importantly, whether quarterback Jalen Hertz is leading the team within the foreseeable range Man future.

Since it is possible to win three first-round picks next spring, not to mention the opportunity to trade DeShawn Watson, Hertz may not have as long a bond as Sirianni. And the deck has already piled up on him.

Although a strong offensive line is the key to a young quarterback — the Eagles’ offensive line should be good at least this season, and health allows — this also helps to have a strong offensive arsenal, which is currently the best for the Eagles. insufficient.

Ask almost anyone who writes or watches football, and they will tell you that even though the Hawks spent two first-round picks on wide receivers and one second-round pick on running backs in the past three drafts , There is not much to offer in that department. They have some potential, of course, but in terms of the experienced and firm support you can deliver week after week, they don’t have much potential. And the person you can count on, Zach Oetz, is his own shell in 2020. In any case, they may not join the team when they start the season.

The Eagles are clearly a team that is moving in the wrong direction. But maybe this is the bottom. Maybe everything starts here. may be. Maybe not.

Unfortunately, a week before the start of the camp, we brought you so much doom and gloom in today’s “What Are They Saying”, but please remember not to shoot the messenger.

Let’s dive into…

The future is not very bright

Staff | ESPN+

In ESPN, they released the annual future strength rankings, and they looked at the teams most likely to succeed in the next three years. Unsurprisingly, the Hawks did not perform well.

What is the worst part? Just a year ago, they ranked sixth. I didn’t do all the math, but it’s hard to imagine another team falling near so many positions in such a short period of time, especially because these rankings should be more macro, not reactionary.

That, uh, not great…

30. Philadelphia Eagles

Total score: 66.4

Why are they here: The current list of players in Philadelphia is a unique combination of veterans who can help you win (Ryan Johnson, Fletcher Cox, Jason Kells, Darius Slay, etc.) and a young core that can be the foundation for the future. There may be three first-round picks next year, and if needed, the Eagles can be more aggressive in the next offseason, when they face a more palatable ceiling situation. New head coach Nick Siriani has the opportunity to train Jaylen Hertz this year, but the roster has obvious room for improvement on both sides of the ball. –Yates

The biggest worry: In recent years, this team has lacked philosophical consistency and relationship management between the coaching staff and the front desk, and correcting this will greatly help put this team back on the road to the Super Bowl. But do the Hawks have the right players? -Riddick

What can be better: Philadelphia finally has young, promising offensive players. The Hawks are rapidly aging on the perimeter, but the core of Dallas Goedert, DeVonta Smith and Jalen Reagor will be a threat. Goedert is now a top 10 close end, and Smith has a low threshold. Men know how to open their hearts. -Fowler

Statistics to know: The Eagles’ mid-term plan revolves around injuries, but there are reasons to be vigilant. Despite Carson Wentz’s poor performance in 2020, in fact Hertz’s QBR is slightly worse than him. There is no reason to panic-we are talking about fewer than 150 pass attempts as a rookie-but there is no guarantee that Hurts will eventually be better than Wentz. ——Wade [espn.com]

Less skilled positions

Bill Barnwell | ESPN+

Stick to ESPN for a moment—and then go back to what we discussed in the introduction—the Hawks’ technical players still have many shortcomings. Bill Barnwell is one of the writers we mentioned who can clearly see the situation.

When players ranked all 32 NFL teams according to their skill positions, the Eagles ranked 29th, 19 places lower than a year ago and 25 places lower than 2019.

How the strong fell…

29. Philadelphia Eagles

2020 ranking: 10 | 2019 ranking: 4

The biggest drop on this year’s roster is the Eagles, who will rely on wide receivers back-to-back first-round players to start their offense. After the 2020 Heisman Trophy winner appears to be the best player on the field for most of the college football playoffs, I am very excited to see Devonta Smith, but if Smith is not an immediate superstar, this may be Will threaten the receiving team in Detroit. It is too early to give up the 2020 first-round player Jalen Reagor, but the TCU product is anonymous as a rookie. Behind him are disappointing second-round picks JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Travis Fulgham and Greg Ward. The Eagles seem to plan to leave them every year, but Ward became their number one in mid-November. That can’t happen again.

Although the Hawks also have big names elsewhere, we have yet to see stable production from running back Miles Sanders or tight Dallas Goldt. Sanders was very efficient as a base runner last season, but he struggled with turnovers and had no effect as a receiver. Goedert’s numbers rose slightly, but the fact that he missed most of the five games due to injury before the white flag was invalidated in Week 17 offset this. Zach Ertz is included here in name, but he is unlikely to appear on Philadelphia’s Week 1 roster. If young rookies take a step forward, there are many possibilities here, but seeing is believing. [espn.com]

Run empty?

Ben Linxi | Professional football focus

On Pro Football Focus, they looked at the skill units around the NFL one by one, and we think it’s important to include them here so you can see that it’s not one or the other that caused the Eagles to rank so low — their Both running backs and wide receivers are close to the bottom of the league. We also think this can show that this is not a single person picking birds.

Having said that, I think the Eagles’ running back is better than the 27th in the NFL. I think Sanders is a good defender. He did not perform well in the passing game, but he is definitely full of energy. Then they actually have a certain depth behind Boston Scott, Kryon Johnson, Jordan Howard and rookie Kenny Gainer. Are there any superstars? No, but I think it will be a kind of sum of its parts.

27. Philadelphia Eagles

Miles Sanders is a player whose PFF score data does not necessarily conform to public perception. As a rookie, his rushing result after running one of the best blocking offensive lines in football was only 59.1, but he did show hope in the passing game. Last season, when Sanders increased his sprint rating to 75.3, the situation in Philadelphia changed drastically. However, he struggled with the drop as his eight leaks tied for the most in that position.

He will work hard to clean up those declines and continue to make progress as a runner in the backcourt where there is not much real competition. Boston Scott, Kryon Johnson and Jordan Howard will compete for the job behind Sanders. [pff.com]

Nowhere to go, only upward?

Steve Palazzolo | Professional football focus

PFF is absolutely right in the pass receiver of the Eagles, who are ranked 30th overall. Considering how bad they have been in each of the past two years-according to PFF, they finally died-it makes sense that the addition of DeVonta Smith is not enough to get them on the board quickly. If Smith lives up to the hype, if Rieger takes a step forward, if Travis Fulgam can be more stable-yes, this is a lot of important assumptions-then their rankings may rise a lot next year.

30. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles’ wide receivers have ranked last in the receiving level for each of the past two years, so this unit has a lot of room for improvement. They have now conducted a back-to-back first-round selection on the receiver, putting pressure on Jalen Rager and Devonta Smith. As a rookie in 2020, Rieger has an overall rating of 64.0, scoring 396 yards in 31 catches. This is a slow start, but he is explosive and can develop into an external vertical threat. Smith is a better all-around receiver, and this is one of the best seasons in the history of college football. He can be separated at all levels on the court, and holding the ball in his hands is dangerous, so looking for Smith in this offense developed into a high-volume threat.

One highlight of the struggle last season was the appearance of Travis Fulgham, who performed well on several teams, then led the Eagles with a total score of 71.2 and led the Eagles with 539 receiving yards. In addition to the top three, Greg Ward may play a role in ball possession games, because in his career, he averaged 8.3 yards per game. JJ Arcega-Whiteside, as a former two-round player, has only 26 career goals, which is disappointing. In the fifth round of 2020, John Hightower added another speed component. […]

Although the Eagles’ pass receiver has had a few tough seasons, Smith offers hope, and there is something to turn things around. [pff.com]

See how they grow

Zach Berman | Sports meeting

Speaking of the three perimeters I just mentioned in the introduction above, Zach Berman of The Athletic came up with 25 ideas to enter the Eagles training camp. Each of the three receivers has one. He seems to agree that this is possible. It is their trio if everyone takes the necessary steps forward in 2021, then the future prospects.

9. DeVonta Smith is the obvious No. 1 wide receiver, but how good can he become as a rookie? Since 2000, only 12 rookie receivers have reached 1,000 yards. In a 17-game season, this may be easier to achieve, but for a team that has not had a 1,000-yard wide receiver since Jeremy Maclin in 2014, it will be an achievement.

10. Jalen Reagor’s progress from year 1 to year 2 will be a storyline worth watching, but it will be particularly interesting to see his performance in this slot. Last season, the Eagles wanted Rigg to become an outside catcher, even though his skills and size could be used around the formation. Rieger added a different vitality to the Hawks.

11. Travis Fulgham’s performance in October showed that he can become an effective NFL player. His November and December explained why he could not be an effective player this season. Fulgam tried to get a roster position last summer; he has the ability to get meaningful playing time this season. If Fulham played like he did in October, this offensive advantage would change. The top three of Smith, Reagor and Fulgham will be interesting. [theathletic.com]

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