Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games live broadcast: Countdown to the opening ceremony, Murray hits Djokovic, Daly prepares for the final

On your mark

After watching the heroic performance of English football players in the European Cup, Dina Asher-Smith is now preparing to inspire the country at the Olympics.

The GB team not only made it to the finals because of the Three Lions, but also because of their comments on their social media accounts.

25-year-old Asher Smith said: “What Marcus and all the other players have done is great.

“Looking at them and seeing how they express themselves makes me very proud.

“They performed well throughout the European Cup and England exceeded all our expectations in the best possible way. They performed very well.

“They are the credit of our country, and they have shown a very good sense of moral leadership.

“As athletes, we are really proud, of course as British, as black British, I am very proud of them during the European Cup.

“I think they represent our country and our community very well.

“There is no doubt that social activism is something I really want to increase. You have to give back.

“This is not only an important part of becoming an athlete, but also a person with a chance.

“The only reason I am here today is the kindness and hard work of the team and other people in the entire community.

“It is completely selfish not to give back when you have so many opportunities in your career.

“I’m really proud of the players doing this more and more this year, and proud of their performance in the European Cup.”

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