The woman was charged after a video showing a tirade on racism at the Laurel Hill Hotel

The woman was charged after a video showing a tirade on racism at the Laurel Hill Hotel


Mount Laurel authorities accused a woman in Middlesex County earlier this week of accusing a hotel staff member of repeatedly using racial slander in videos shared online and reviewed by the police.

The incident is the second incident of racial harassment captured by cameras in Burlington County, New Jersey this month.

Investigators said the most recent encounter occurred at the Super 8 Hotel on Fellowship Road after midnight on Monday.

Police officers who rushed to the scene found 46-year-old Elizabeth Trzeciak from Nanhe in the hotel parking lot. Police said she appeared to be drunk and had been living in another hotel nearby.

When they arrived, the authorities had not seen Disturbing video uploaded to Reddit Allegedly, Trezciak repeatedly called the N-word to the hotel front desk staff. Trzeciak also threw things off the front desk to the clerk. She was initially handed over to a family member before investigators reviewed the video and made charges.

Police said on Wednesday: “Based on the evidence in the video and another interview with the victim, Ms. Trzeciak was charged with prejudice, intimidation, assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct after review by the assistant prosecutor of the Burlington County Attorney’s Office.” “The judge. Order an arrest warrant to be charged.”

It is not clear why Trzeciak decided to walk into the building and reprimand the shop assistant, who did not say anything to her in the uploaded video.

Contacted on Thursday, Super 8 Hotel did not immediately comment on the incident.

Earlier this month, the Burlington County Attorney brought charges against 45-year-old Edward Cagney Matthews, who was photographed Threatening and racially harassing his black neighbor In the Essex Plaza condo development project in Laurel Hill. A video of the incident, in which Matthews stated his own address, shared on Facebook, and later triggered a protest outside his property when he was arrested. The investigation of Matthews reveals a history of his aggressive behavior and allegations, including threatening notes left to neighbors.

Matthews had 20 convictions before, faced multiple criminal charges, and will remain in jail until his trial date.

The New Jersey Penal Code does not list crimes called “hate crimes,” but charges in such cases are filed as prejudice threats.

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