The training sessions became annoying, “bone to bone”, “push, push and stomp”

The training sessions became annoying, “bone to bone”, “push, push and stomp”


The stars of Lions defeated Boks by hating each other.

Boss Warren Gatland warns of world champions South Africa prepares for a rough first test clash on Saturday.


During Hermanus training for the Lions, things got very intense

If any Bok finds himself on the wrong side, then Alun Wyn Jones’s side will be ordered to get into trouble.

After a monster training course in Cape Town Gatland, it was revealed: “We have a bit of bone. This is not a lot of work you do.

“This is a very difficult process with a little problem.

“Stomped a little…stand on someone’s lap and stomped.

“That guy just need to stomped a few times and then remove his leg because he was slowing down the ball.

“I think it’s great. There were a few pushes. The guys didn’t hold back.

“There is nothing in terms of punching. You just see that people are not ready to take a step back.

“It just shows what it means. As you get closer to the test, it will increase in intensity, especially at the beginning of the week, when you are doing hard physical exercise.

“Some people will feel disappointed, and they want to express their disappointment in making sure they don’t go backwards.

“Sometimes it will erupt into several pushes and trivial things.”

After losing the series in Pretoria twelve years ago, the Lions had to lick their wounds after a brutal second test failure.

Gatland, the coach who coached under Ian McGeekon in 2009, has not forgotten that day.

So, on his fourth tour, after Luke Fitzgerald was tested for stickiness at Loftus Versfeld, he was ready to pay off.

The New Zealander said: “There may be some push. You see.

“But what happened in TMO and reviews in 2009-they will soon be accepted.

“Schalke Berg admitted that he should have been sent off for the gouging incident-he lost his head and was so excited.

“You must take it to the edge, but you must also maintain control.

“Both sides have a lot of stakes, and we have to make sure we bring this kind of physical fitness – but to control the physical fitness.

“The last thing we want is a test game that decides someone has made a very bad decision-on the shoulder, too high a tackle, yellow card or sent off.

“It’s about going online, but make sure they are under control. This message is to make sure we don’t go backwards.

“In 2009, a lot of people came in and pushed-we solved this problem as a team and said that we would not accept it anymore.

“That’s why there may be that small problem in 2009.

“This is part of the way they dominate other teams in the world. You must continue to attack them.”

Warren Gatland likes to be a little bit trivial in training


Warren Gatland likes to be a little bit trivial in training

Gatland also called Boks a one-touch pony, they can only do one route-ugly things.

Although his team was defeated by a narrow margin by the South African’A’ team last week, they were not defeated.

He mocked: “I don’t think so regardless of their different changes. I think they will adopt a more difficult method.

“This is one aspect where I think we have weakened their arrogance, because they don’t have a dominant position in the field they want.

“I think it is difficult for them to get rid of things that have been very successful for them, so they will work harder this week to try to gain some dominance in the field.”

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