The groundbreaking racing league saw cricket superstars David “Bumble” Lloyd and Michael Holdings join Mayor Leona’s report

The groundbreaking racing league saw cricket superstars David “Bumble” Lloyd and Michael Holdings join Mayor Leona’s report


The groundbreaking racing league will be full of top talents on the racetrack and off the field.

In addition to Sun Racing bringing you all the behind-the-scenes talks and tricks, Sky Sports will also broadcast every game exclusively.


Sky Sports Racing host Mayor will become one of the top teams reporting on the racing league

They drafted a top team that deserves to be so exciting, The new £2 million event.

Legendary cricket figures David “Bumble” Lloyd and Michael Holder will join the team.

When the Racing League will hold its first race in Newcastle next Thursday (July 29),’Bumble’ will be staged.

Holding, considered one of the best bowlers of all time, rejoined the team after taking the lead role in this year’s Sky Sports Racing Team’s Royal Jockey Club report.

They will join the existing Sky Sports team consisting of Alex Hammond, Leona Mayor, Josh Apiafi and Rosie Tapner.

Racing League: Satisfy everyone 12 teams Strive for 2 million pounds

Model and TV presenter Tapner will also participate in the Magnolia Cup-one of the show events this week.

There, 12 female amateur jockeys will participate in the race, raising funds for charity all the way.

Tapner will join Scarlett, wife of Dortmund star Marco Royce with Frankie Dettori’s daughter Ella.

When the mayor commented on the team that will host the six-week summer event, Who told SunSport about her TV trip, Said: “The team has more fun.

“When I first heard about the Racing League, I thought how exciting it was to have fans cheering for their team.

“Being a jockey can sometimes be a little lonely, so the prospect of jockeys pushing each other for the sake of a team will be super.


“Bumble” will provide his unique insights into a new event worth £2 millionCredit: Getty

“Racing League and Sky will bring bettors, jockeys and fans together to support their team.

“Come on, it will be fun, and I am lucky to be part of it!”

TalkSPORT will broadcast live all racing league matches. The first match of each meeting will be broadcast live on talkSPORT, and the remaining five matches will be played on talkSPORT 2.

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