The flag bearer of the GB team at the 2020 Tokyo opening ceremony is confirmed as sailor Hannah Mills and rower Moe Sbihi

SAILOR Hannah Mills and rower Moe Sbihi will be the standard bearers of the GB team at the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony tomorrow.

Break the past traditions—— As SunSport revealed -The International Olympic Committee has ordered all national committees to nominate a man and a woman to lead the team in Olympic Stadium.


33-year-old Hannah Mills will become one of the standard bearers of the GB Tokyo teamCredit: Getty
33-year-old Moe Sbihi won the gold medal at the Rio Olympics


33-year-old Moe Sbihi won the gold medal at the Rio OlympicsCredit: Getty

in spite of British team Will be represented by only 30 members of a 375-person team Coronavirus disease The reason is that Mills and Spich are popular choices for athletes.

The 33-year-old Mills from Cardiff won the gold medal in the 470 level competition Rio After winning the silver medal London 2012 The goal with new partner Eilidh McIntyre is to become the most successful female sailor in the UK.

Sbihi, also 33 years old, is the only survivor of the four who won the gold medal in 2016 and the bronze medal in the top eight in 2012.

‘The greatest honor’

Mills said: “I was asked to raise the flag for the British team at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. This is not a word I thought about.

“When the head of the team, Mark England, told me that I was selected, I was completely at a loss. When I had time to think about what it meant, I became very emotional.

“This is the greatest honor in my career, and I hope more than ever that this Olympics will improve our country and provide some incredible sports moments to inspire the country.”

Sbihi from Kingston upon Thames is the fourth rower to carry the flag, and Steve Redgrave and Matt Pinsent are the most recent predecessors.

He said: “It’s an honor to be invited to be the standard bearer of the British team. This is a landmark moment in the Olympic movement-people remember those pictures.

Both athletes embody the values ??of the GB team, and they are fully worthy of this honor.

Mark England, head of the GB team

“Of course I remember the picture of Andy Murray in Rio. Even before I became a rower, I remember meeting Sir Matt and Sir Steve, so this is something I am very proud of.

“Actually participating in the opening ceremony will be a surreal experience, but this year’s game schedule is actually manageable, even if I am not the standard bearer.

“This will be very special and will complete my Olympic puzzle.

“I won a medal and participated in the closing ceremony, but now I really appear at the opening ceremony and become the leader of the team with Hannah. This will be a lifetime memory I will never forget.”

England said: “After talking to Hannah and Mo in private, it became clear what this honor means to them.

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“What this means not only for individuals, but also for their teammates and the wider delegation. This is the most difficult and unprecedented 18 months for everyone in the UK.

“Both athletes embody the values ??of the British team and they are fully worthy of this honor.

“Hannah and Moe have created multiple Olympic memories, and I believe they will add these memories in Tokyo in the next 16 days.”

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