Seagulls take a SpringShot youth ride at Morey Pier in Wildwood

Seagulls take a SpringShot youth ride at Morey Pier in Wildwood


Over the years, seagulls have become increasingly aggressive on the Jersey Shore, especially on the boardwalk, where the abundance of food has turned the area into a feeding ground.

Ocean City is tired of its seagulls Bring in falcons to scare them away In the summer.

However, earlier this month, a teenager heading to the Wildwood Morey Pier encountered a seagull more directly while riding a SpringShot ride in the amusement park. shared a scary brush video.

This 13-year-old kid from Weatherly, Pennsylvania, Kiley Holman, told 6ABC About her experience in cycling. Her friend celebrated her 14th birthday with her.

“When I was hit, I saw it. It was moving in the opposite direction, and then it came back, hitting my face directly,” Keeley said. “It feels really light, leaving only the smallest scratches.”

You have to admire Holman for taking the bird off her face, throwing it away, and then immediately frightened by the 75 mph ride while dealing with the situation. That must be a severe sensory overload.

Seagulls may have been the most severely affected in this disorientation collision. Its wings were spread, there was nowhere to move, and its direction and power suddenly changed. It was obviously not hurt by the incident.

Finally, let us take a moment to understand how low-key dance music that added to the video has improved the overall pleasure of watching the video.

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