A first-of-its-kind digital platform was launched on Wednesday, connecting Philadelphia job seekers with employers, training opportunities, community resources, and more.

Promote PHL As the city recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is called a “one-stop shop” that allows people to return to the labor market.

The platform, led by Hire! Philly, allows job seekers to create a free profile that includes detailed information about work experience, education, and skills that matches the job listing. Employers can register for free, and PropelPHL will display a list of candidates that match their job description.

“Our core focus now is to provide real-time job opportunities for current job seekers, especially those who have been displaced by COVID…We are doing this through proprietary technology,” Executive Director Hired!Catherine Epps Robertson, Philadelphia Tell WHYY.

She said that other job committees like Indeed are driven by keyword searches, not matching skills.

So far, there are tens of thousands of jobs listed on the website, of which about 250 are from employers registered on the website, including Starbucks, City Council, PECO and Lenfest Foundation, Epps Roberson said.

As of May last year, the unemployment rate in Philadelphia was 7.8%, which was lower than the peak of 18% during the pandemic. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is higher than other major cities such as 10.9% in New York City, 9.3% in Chicago and 10.10% in Los Angeles.

hire! Philadelphia contacted Philadelphians before launching the website and found that many residents are interested in work, “but they want to do so with dignity and respect,” Epps Robertson said.

“We now have the opportunity to think in a different way,” she said Tell the subway Philadelphia. “If we are to build a prosperous and fair future for all Phillies, we cannot do business as usual.”

The platform not only builds connections between job seekers and employers. It actively identifies educational or training gaps for applicants and connects them to financial resources.

Later, Epps Roberson (Epps Roberson) said that the platform will start a phase, focusing on helping marginalized communities, including returning citizens and veterans, to get more job opportunities.


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