Picture: Haiti prepares to bury its murdered president | Latin American News

Picture: Haiti prepares to bury its murdered president | Latin American News


Haiti was preparing to bury its murdered president under strict security measures on Thursday. Just two weeks after his assassination, this country deep in poverty, corruption, and political instability further turmoil and aroused in its population. Prolonged ethnic tensions.

Jovenel Moise was shot dead at his home in the early morning of July 7 at the age of 53. He will be buried on Friday in Cap Haiti, a major city in the northern part of his hometown.

The city was calm on Thursday, but the day before, clashes broke out when police chief Leon Charles visited. While checking the security arrangements for the funeral, he was booed and questioned.

The local residents accused the chief of police of failing to protect Moise. His wife Martin was seriously injured in the shooting. The shooting appeared to be carried out by a group of mainly retired soldiers from Colombia. The Presidential Guard was not injured.

More than 20 people so far Arrested, Most of them were Colombians, and the police said the conspiracy was organized by Haitians with foreign connections and political ambitions.

But the case is still unclear and there are many unresolved issues.

Haitians have Express shock Those responsible for protecting the president and his home did not do this. This poor Caribbean country is full of crime and powerful gangs-these problems will only get worse under Moiz.

His death rekindled the long-standing tension between northern Haiti and the western part of Port-au-Prince. Some people even set up barricades on the road to Cap-Haiti to prevent people in the capital from attending the funeral.

“We will do everything we can to pay tribute to him in the way he deserves, which is consistent with his importance to our city,” said Cap Haiti Mayor Ivros Pierre.

A Catholic Mass was held for Moise in the city’s cathedral on Thursday, followed by a procession in his name.

“His assassination made me very sad. I pray for his soul. I pray that justice can be done,” said a woman standing near the cathedral, who only revealed her name Karin.

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