According to reports, a Philadelphia police officer was suspected of deleting a video on a man’s cell phone during a traffic stop in March and was arrested on Wednesday on multiple charges.

Tyree Burnett was accused of obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, and official oppression, Court documents show. Burnett worked in the department for four years and was finally assigned to District 35. 6ABC Report.

Police Chief Danielle Outlaw stated that she has suspended Burnett for 30 days and intends to fire the officer after the suspension. CBS 3 Report.

Body camera lens obtained by CBS3 After Burnet allegedly arrested Giddings at a gas station on East Champlost Avenue in Olney, he allegedly deleted a video from Jacob Giddings’ cell phone. Giddings’ lawyers Lennon Edwards and Mills & Edwards LLP provided the video to the TV station.

Edwards told 6ABC that Giddings’ arrest warrant was related to an incident in November, but stated that Giddings did not know this when Edwards stopped him. Edwards said that Giddings told Burnett that he would record their interaction.

“The moment he said this, the police officer started to pull him out of the car, and you would see his phone dropped,” Edwards told 6ABC.

Edwards said that Giddings was detained by the police when Burnett was photographed by his body camera and deleted the video on Giddings’ mobile phone. According to 6ABC, it is unclear whether the video was actually deleted.

According to reports, Giddings File a lawsuit with the Philadelphia Police Department In June. At that time, Outlaw told FOX 29 that Burnett had been on “restricted duty” since April and that internal investigators were investigating the incident.


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