Meghan Markle’s latest news-Prince Harry will explore his “who blamed for Diana’s death” in an explosive memoir

Piers Morgan labeled Harry and Meghan as “vicious, bitter grafters”

Piers Morgan once again criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In his recent outbreak, the former GMB host referred to the Duke and Duchess as “malicious and hardworking embezzlers with the intent to cause as much harm as possible.”

The former Good Morning Britain host accused the couple of announcing in Harry that he had Secretly write a book About his life.

Written in his Online mail In response to the news in today’s column, Pierce urged the royal family to “no longer have any relationship with the Prince of Poison and Princess Pinocchio.”

He said: “Harry’s memoirs. According to reports, he was paid 20 million dollars for this-he said all this will be donated to charity, but let us pay close attention to this statement-this will be his rekindling. Opportunities for families and institutions to serve them.

“Every time he does this and allows his wife to do so, he will further weaken the magic of maintaining the royal family in public life. They have become a pair of petty, malicious, bitter little liars, bent on making as much as possible. A lot of damage.”

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