Where there is smoke, there is fire. Now, how much DeShawn Watson smoke around the Hawks, it’s a bit difficult to breathe.

Just last week, ESPN’s Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) spontaneously stated on Philadelphia talk radio that if Houston decides to trade him, the Birds would be in a better position than any other team and could be in the Texans. Running from the quarterback position, this calculation became more complicated in the offseason after more than 20 massage therapists claimed that Watson had performed unnecessary sexual provocations on them during treatment.

A day later, former NFL general manager Mike Tannenbaum (Mike Tannenbaum) said on ESPN that the Hawks will become aggressive in chasing Watson. This is an open secret in the league. It’s interesting because We are not even sure how he performed. Civil cases will be staged, not to mention potential criminal investigations and investigations that the NFL will almost certainly end with a moratorium, regardless of how the first two investigations are conducted.

Now, there is more smoke. WIP’s Howard Eskin (Howard Eskin) and Joe DeCamara (Joe DeCamara) and Joe DeCamara (Joe DeCamara) and Jon Ritchie participated in their lunch show together, telling his thoughts on what happened to Watson, especially how it relates to the Hawks.

This is what he has to say, and ah/t to Bleeding Green Nation For transcription:

This is what I am doing, you must pay attention to me. This is at Deshaun Watson. I talked to people in Houston. They almost all admitted that they would have to trade him. Now, here is a small question… Do you wait before or after-he will be suspended. No matter what happens in court and what the civil lawsuit is, the NFL saw him do what he did, obviously, I think he did. Now, this may be a fragile case, but there may be some kind of suspension. But they live in order to trade him. This is the first part of the equation.

Who will he be traded to in the second part of the equation? When talking with people in the league, all I know of are three teams that really have a strong desire. That would be Denver, Miami-they handed the first round pick to the Hawks, which really weakened their position because I think they are beginning to realize Tua [Tagovailoa] It is stiff.

But the Hawks have three first-round picks, and this is what they will have, and this is the prediction I am going to make: Based on the information I have, when—when I will say—he is traded, I think he has There is a 90% chance that it will be in the Philadelphia Eagles. Based on all the information I have obtained, this is my conclusion. [bleedinggreennation.com]

This is surprising for several reasons. First of all, in addition to working at WIP, Eskin is also an employee of the Eagles, serving as the team’s sideline reporter during the season. In addition, this is the most powerful report we have ever seen. Eskine said he believes the Eagles have a 90% (!!) chance to land the 25-year-old QB. And there have been many reports. Let’s review it, shall we?

March 17: Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says the Hawks are Watson’s “strong suitors”

March 19: Jeff McLean of the Inquirer links the Hawks to Watson

March 22: Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle ranks the Hawks as six teams to follow Watson

April 9: After Wilson’s other report two days ago, the report queued the Eagles as one of the two teams still in Watson. ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio said that once his legal issues are resolved, the Eagles Team will pursue QB

April 14: Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher reported that even though Watson’s legal issues persist, the Hawks and Texans can still solve some problems

May 10: Peter King gave the Hawks a 3-1 advantage to acquire Watson through a trade

May 14: ESPN’s Dianna Russini implicitly mentioned in the Watson-Philadelphia deal that she hopes the Eagles will “do some big things” before the start of the season

July 14-15: ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Mike Tannenbaum both linked the Hawks to Watson in back-to-back days.

Like we said, a lot of smoke.

Obviously, as Eskin suggests, there are still many civil and potential legal issues that need to be resolved, let alone possible suspension. Considering that the nearly two dozen women accused Watson of being a continuous predator, the Eagles are still willing to take a risk on the Texan QB-whether you or I think it is the right move-because of Jeffrey Lurie, as John McMahon Lun wrote recently that he firmly believes in a second chance.

A former personnel director of the Eagles claimed that Christina Wes-Lurie may stop this kind of thinking. Some reporters and colleagues contacted me, hoping to catch the Eagles on the wrong side of the equation of talent and tolerance.

Maybe this is true, but what we know about Jeffrey Lurie is that he is consistent on off-court issues. After being allowed to return to the league, putting Watson on the personal blacklist was actually a hypocritical move by the Eagles boss. […]

You either believe in the second chance or you don’t.

Running around at Watson has nothing to do with the offense of Rothman, Nick Ciliani, or the development of Jalen Hertz, but the boss decides whether he wants the Q-class superstar tainted by the scandal.

The names of Riley Cooper, Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson should tell you that Lurie has determined his position. [MORE]

The Eagles clearly have a history of trying to help players recover from injuries – especially when they believe they can help the team win – and, for better or worse, Watson may be the latest example not long after.

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