Democratic Rep. Margo Davidson of Pennsylvania resigns on charges of theft

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that Pennsylvania Rep. Margot Davidson was accused of stealing funds from the federal state by submitting fraudulent daily allowance requests and other expenses and obstructing the state’s prosecution.

Davidson resigned immediately, leaving a vacancy in District 164, including parts of Upper Darby and the boroughs of East Lansdowne and Milburn.

A grand jury found that the Democrat Davidson allegedly asked the Office of the Auditor General of the State Assembly to pay for the night she did not spend in Harrisburg. She allegedly also received personal reimbursement for expenses paid by the state government for her campaign.

The grand jury found that the additional charges of violating the election code stemmed from her alleged failure to report campaign financial information and asking witnesses to lie during the investigation.

Davidson said: “Today, I regret to announce my resignation and assume legal responsibility for improper record keeping and expense reimbursement. Today I will refund the $6,925 that is not properly managed.” “I am further responsible for not participating in the investigation fully And regret it. At the end of this chapter, I can say with certainty that you may have other representatives, but no one will love you more.”

Representatives are entitled to out-of-pocket expenses during official events and travel, but Davidson is said to have received reimbursement for the activities under investigation from her campaign.

Shapiro said: “State representatives have sworn to use their offices for public service-not for fraudulent personal gain.” “We will uphold Commonwealth laws without prejudice, and we will continue to find corruption everywhere.”

The 58-year-old Davidson faces misdemeanor charges of theft, persuasion to prevent arrest and violation of election rules. She abandoned the preliminary hearing and paid $6,925 in damages.

“I feel sorry for the allegations made by Congressman Davidson and admit that she has decided to take responsibility,” said Joanna McLinton, Democratic leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. “This ensures that the important work she leads on the State Committee of the House of Representatives can continue without interference or distraction, and can defend the people’s right to vote from all attacks.

“Rep. Davidson has worked in the legislature for more than a decade and is the first woman to represent the 164th legislative district and chair the House State Committee — and the first black woman,” McLinton continued. “She is committed to serving her voters and always doing her best for those in need in Delaware County.”

Davidson took office in 2011. Prior to that, he was a broadcast journalist and worked in the non-profit field of the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Crusade and the League of African American Women Entrepreneurs. She also participated in the campaign of former President Barack Obama during the 2008 election.

In 2018, Davidson Facing charges for Crashed into a state-owned vehicle And fled the scene where Lansdowne hit and escaped. She was found guilty of driving without a license and failing to notify the police of the accident-both of which were considered traffic violations.

The vacant seats in Delaware County will be decided by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and Republican Representative Brian Cutler for a special election.

McLinton said the District 164 office at 1500 Garrett Road in Upper Darby will continue to serve voters until a new legislator is elected.

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