Dany Fortin said that after quitting the vaccination campaign, his “career seems to be over”

Dany Fortin said that after quitting the vaccination campaign, his “career seems to be over”


The military officer who had previously oversaw the Canadian vaccine promotion activities stated that his reputation was “irreparably damaged” as the government decided to suddenly replace him in May and publicly disclosed that he was under investigation for sexual misconduct.

Major General Dany Fortin’s assertion was included in the affidavit of inauguration last week, but it was not publicly disclosed until Thursday, as part of his legal battle to reverse his dismissal from the Public Health Agency of Canada, which he claimed was unjustified , And it is politically motivated.

Fortin was removed from the vaccine launch on May 14, just five days before the National Bureau of Investigation of the Canadian Army submitted its investigation of sexual misconduct to the Quebec Public Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

Through his lawyers, Fortin denied any wrongdoing.

Fortin’s lawyers filed an application to the Federal Court last month, requesting an expedited judicial review of the decision to dismiss him from PHAC, requesting that the decision be revoked and his position in the agency or other positions restored.

In the affidavit of inauguration on July 13, Fortin stated that the decision to remove him and expose the misconduct investigation had “destructive effect” on his “reputation and career.”

Fortin said that he received a model performance evaluation three days before he quit the vaccination campaign and is at the “peak” of his career, hoping to get a promotion or other opportunity after completing his PHAC job.

However, he said that as a result of the decision to remove him, “I have no assignment, although I am still a member of CAF. As far as I know, I have not been considered for any position, and I seem to have been bypassed for promotion. Currently, my The career seems to be over.”

Fortin also disputed the government’s decision to openly investigate his actions.

“The reputation I built during my three years of serving my country was irretrievably damaged by the decision to publicly announce an investigation into the conduct that I alleged, and because of the fact that it was announced that there was a lack of the background involved in the investigation. Exacerbate an allegation of misconduct dating back more than 30 years,” the affidavit said.

Fortin’s lawyer Natalia Rodriguez stated that the affidavit has been sworn and served to Attorney General David Lametti, but will not be submitted in court until September.

“For the sake of openness and transparency, we provide it to you in advance,” she said in an email. “We understand that this case involves significant public interest, and we hope to provide the public with as much information as possible on the issues raised in this application.”

When asked for comment on Thursday, Defense Secretary Harjit Sajjan’s spokesperson Daniel Minden said: “As this is an ongoing legal issue, it’s not appropriate for us to comment at this time.”

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