Coronavirus news in the UK-Last week the NHS app forced 618,903 people to be quarantined, Pingdemic panic buying left the shelves empty

The government needs to act quickly on the threat of food shortages

Andrew Oppi of the British Retail Association said: “The government needs to act quickly.

“Retail workers and suppliers have played a vital role in this pandemic. As long as they are double-hit or Covid tests negative, they should be allowed to work to ensure that the public’s ability to access food and other items is not compromised. Disturbance. Commodities. With the surge in community cases, the number of healthy retail employees who have to self-isolate is rapidly increasing, disrupting the retail business.”

Retail boss says Heat wave The surge in demand for grilled food, ice cream, soft drinks, beer and salads has exacerbated these problems.

Yesterday’s photos showed empty shelves in Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrison, Iceland and Lidl in Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Southampton.

Shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables, Cambridge Tesco’s refrigerator food, water, beer and kitchen rolls. There are no bread or vegetables in nearby Asda.

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