British pole vaulter Harry Koper broke two front teeth during training and had emergency dental treatment

TEAM GB pole vaulter Harry Coppell lost two front teeth during practice-but still hopes to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

The British champion joked: “I hope @Tokyo 2020 There is a good dentist” after the bar hit his face during the training vault.


Brit Harry Coppell thinks he is fully awake in practice
But the bar followed Merseyside Koper fell and smashed two teeth


But the bar followed Merseyside Koper fell and smashed two teeth

25-year-old leading medal contender Coppell is looking for emergency dental work Capital of japan.

He believes that his misfortune will not become the bride who realizes his Tokyo dream.

The Merseysiders posted a video about this terrible incident on Twitter, with the text: “I did some great vaults in the @teamgb training camp tonight!

“However…the bar then fell on my face and messed up all my teeth. I hope there is a good dentist around @tokyo2020.”

Koper crossed the railing comfortably-but it followed him to the safety mat.

He grabbed the bar, but when he lay on his stomach and hit him, it fell from his hand.

One front tooth was smashed, and the other was broken.

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Koper won the British championship in 2019 and 2020, when he set a national record of 5.85 meters.

But Sweden’s world record holder Armand Duplandis has jumped 6.18 million.

Therefore, if the Englishman wants top gong, he will be ready for a huge quarrel.

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